Breitling Transocean Unitime Watch

Breitling Transocean Unitime Watch

The Caliber 05 is the latest creation from the house of Breitling. It is an improvement on their Caliber 01 with the addition of world time feature ring on its dial. The Transocean Unitime watch would be powered by this new caliber for the very first time. Who would be promoting the watch for the first time? David Beckham, the celebrity soccer player, would be doing that honor.

The Transocean chronograph collection has three hands and is an appropriate watch for the professional man going up in his career ladder in the current times. At 46 mm in diameter, the Unitime is the right fit for a man’s wrists. Of course, Breitling is known for even bigger watches that they created in the past. But, 46 mm would be the right size for the niche market of customers the watch is created for.

The first thing that is going to grab your attention is the globe that is added to the center of the dial. As it is a world time watch, the inclusion of this symbol is really appropriate. Does the globe add a girly touch to it? No. It has shades of blue that is perfectly macho to suit the wrists of a man. Obviously, the globe implies the message that the watch is created for world travellers. Watch lovers are known to enjoy such world time watches created aesthetically before. Patek Philippe had one of the best watches in this category. There are many other such watches available in a variety of price ranges. With the addition of the world time feature to this chronograph watch, the Transocean Unitime has made a name for itself.

Why did they give it the name ‘Unitime’? They created the name by shortening the term ‘universal time’, which would roughly stand for ‘world time’. They probably lost the meaning of the term ‘uni’ that traditionally stands for ‘one’. Thus you could think that the name means ‘one time’ as well. Anyway, that is not something Breitling planned for or even thought about in the first place. How does the watch accomplish the world time function? It does this with the help of two moving discs on the dial. One of these discs denotes the 24 hour clock while the second one denotes the time zone (or city). By manipulating these two discs, you can figure out the local time of any one of the 24 time zones. During travel trips, you need to move the local time based on the city ring. Another good thing about the watch is its ability to change only the hour during time correction. This would help in ensuring the accuracy of time.

When you adjust time on this Breitling, the date automatically changes with it. This way, you need not waste your time for accomplishing that. The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters and has 70 hours of power reserve.

You can have the model in 18 carat red gold as well as steel versions. The dial choices are polar white and black. The steel version at $ 11,200 would be the most affordable one among them.

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