BRM Bombers-45-G-UK Parachute Wristwatch

BRM Bombers-45-G-UK Parachute Wristwatch

BRM (Bernard Richard Manufacture) is a French luxury wristwatch manufacturer. The company creates swanky vintage inspired wristwatches and is known for creating motorsport watches. BRM’s Bombers wristwatch collection features old school bomber plane designs in an aviation watch style. Bombers is expanding BRM’s design style and gaining them massive popularity.

The Bombers Collection, yes with an ‘s’ at the end, is comprised of several different models each featuring a truly authentic vintage look. The dials each have their own artwork of classic nose and fuselage designs. The only difference between each watch in the collection is the dial artwork and design on the back casing.

The Bombers all feature propeller dial hands in black accented with different colored tips depending on the model. Of particular interest is the Bombers-45-G-UK (Parachute) model. This is the newest of the bunch and has more unique features then the rest. Instead of black dial hands, the Parachute model features light grey propeller hands with yellow tips. The dial is a bright blue color with white and red accenting. This color scheme is very 1950’s inspired, bright, and eye catching. It is often referred to as the Parachute wristwatch because it features the BRM logo in a black parachute below the 12 o’clock position.

It is an automatic chronograph, Swiss ETA Valjoux 7753 automatic chronograph movement to be specific, with three black pushers and of course three subdials on the dial. Three large font red hour numerals are displayed. They are the 12, 4, and 8 o’clock hours with the rest represented as white line markers. The straps are black leather with white stitching.

The BRM Bombers wristwatch collection is full of exciting pieces that complement any collection. The Bombers-45-G-UK wristwatch is a functional and easy to read wristwatch backed by superb craftsmanship. Pricing starts in the mid-luxury range.

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