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Bucherer was founded in 1888 and currently has over two hundred stores that are located in 47 countries around the world.  Carl F. Bucherer is a family company that was founded when Carl-Friedrich Bucherer and his wife decided to try their luck and apply their knowledge to create a watch and jewelry business in Falkentplatz, Lucerne.

The second generation in charge of the company increased production and, as their relationship with Rolex improved, they managed to acquire calibers for the creation of watches for men and women. The name of the brand changed many times in the beginning, and it is only during its third generation that the brand really becomes known as Carl F. Bucherer.

BUCHERER is known for offering products with the highest level of quality. The company offers a remarkable range of products and has an expert and loyal staff with a genuine love for precious materials. The brand’s wonderful creations using pearls and gemstones are designed and created in their own workshops and are very well known around the world.

“Leave the beaten track, go your own way, leave your mark and create your own destiny”, this is a philosophy that has created an impact and has remained generation after generation at Carl F. Bucherer and is reflected time and again in their unique watches.

The founder’s philosophy continues to be a part of the Carl F. Bucherer brand and of its timepieces. This is the only watch brand that has the heart of Switzerland as its home.  Carl F. Bucherer was always able to follow an independent path and will undoubtedly continue to design according to its own ideas and visions, always being and staying a step ahead of its time.

With each timepiece, the brand cultivates its core of traditional watchmaking combined with the highest level of technological innovation, over the top performance, and artful jewelry.  The resulting timepieces have a progressive personality and aesthetic and provide exemplary functionality.

With more than 100 years in business and a with a worldwide representation, the brand is highly recognized and regarded as an example of perfection, sophistication, fine luxury and of course the glamour only Bucherer can provide.

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