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Bulova has created several watch-related innovations in the last one hundred and fifty years, and this is one of the best known brands in the world. Their timepieces are real jewels worthy of admiration.

The brand was founded by Joseph Bulova in New York City, in 1875.  He was an immigrant from Bohemia that chose to open a jewelry shop in Woodside,New York, and who ended up creating and empire.  With the advent of the wristwatches, Bulova saw an opportunity and created a collection of wrist watches.

The company kept growing and by 1923 it was already a very successful luxury watch company.  It is then that it takes the name of Bulova Watch Company, Inc.

By next year they presented their line of ladies’ watches that included timepieces with diamond accents.  During the next years the brand sells over fifty thousand Lone Eagle watches, which was created to honor Charles Lindbergh’s transatlantic solo flight from New York to Paris.  And in 1927 the company goes public on the American Stock Exchange.

During the Great Depression, Bulova offers payment plans to their retailers, and as a result there is an increase in the sale of watches. Joseph Bulova dies in 1935 and in 1941 the Board of Directors at Bulova pass a resolution to create national defense products at a cost value.  Joseph’s son, named Arde Bulova, produces military timepieces, critical torpedo mechanisms, fuses, and aircraft instruments.

Bulova starts working, in 1952, on a watch that will be a major breakthrough: the Accutron.  This is the first completely electronic watch.  The next year the brand jumps on the shock-proof self-winding wagon and created the completely new Bulova Wrist-Alarm.

In 1960 NASA asks the company to include the Accutron to its space program computer.  Bulova eventually becomes part of the US Space program and of its 46 missions.  Furthermore, in 1969 an Accutron watch movement is placed on the moon’s Sea of Tranquility to control the transmission of data.

Bulova is definitely a leader in the watchmaking world that continues to innovate on a regular basis, regardless of the strong competition.

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