Can Angela Ahrendts Steer Apple to New Heights Like Steve Jobs Did During His Second Innings?


Apple Inc. had some of its best years during the second innings of Steve Jobs as its CEO, and the next year after his death. As Apple came out with stunning products like iPod, iPhone, iPad etc. and their various versions and seduced their ardent fans, their sales numbers increased at a very fast pace. For a brief period of time, they adorned the top spot among the American technological firms as the most valuable one in USA.

But, the departure of a visionary like Steve Jobs does affect the prospects of Apple in many ways. The latest releases of gadgets from the firm did not receive the welcome they have been getting in the past. Apple Inc. is not completely out of its league. They need to make the necessary adjustments and can regain the lost ground back. They need a new visionary CEO to guide it to new heights.

Recent news reports suggested Angela Ahrendts’ name for the CEO’s post currently occupied by Tim Cook. She is currently the highly successful boss of Burberry. This British luxury firm with one and half century of history behind it got a big boost in sales numbers by the innovations introduced by its current geeky boss. She has big plans for Burberry. In fact, she plans to make it a fully digital firm. Already, you can see iPad wielding sales people assisting their customers at Burberry stores.

Angela Ahrendt has some of the traits that were so true about Steve Jobs. Her ability to take Burburry to its current position among luxury brands is a promising sign for Apple. She accomplished this over a short period of time after joining Burburry in 2006.

The latest gadgets that arrived from Apple lacked panache. Angela Ahrendt can bring back the adventurousness associated with Steve Jobs. As she is an American, she can easily blend in to Apple’s top management and steer it to a bright future.

Steve Jobs was always a true master at Apple product launches. He always choreographed those events to perfection and kept the fans of the firm on tender hooks. Once he left the scene, the new product launches of Apple are no longer generating the same level of hype. Angela Ahrendt can turn this situation around. As she was involved in the management of a high end luxury brand, she can rejuvenate the product launches of Apple to everyone’s satisfaction.


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