Can New Software Tackle the Threat of Fake Watches Head On?

Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry

Fake watches as well as cheap imitations of luxury watches are found in large numbers from a variety of resources. Obviously, the easiest location for finding them is the internet and the large number of websites that sell these types of watches there. But, this is not the only location to find these watches. You can definitely find stores that sell fake watches that look like luxury models that are revered by watch lovers from all parts of the globe. How would you tackle the menace and ensure that the money you spend for your dream watch is well spent?

 You must do some homework on your part and learn to understand the salient features of the watch model that you are thinking about purchasing. You can visit the official website of the watchmaker and obtain the authentic images of the model that you are interested in purchasing. By having a high quality print out of the model in your hand at the time you shop for it at any store, either brick and mortar version or ecommerce stores, you have the ability to compare the features one by one and ensure that they are truly compatible with each other. The features of the fake watches are unlikely to be as sophisticated or perfect as the genuine models. With close introspection on the customer’s part, the risk of taken for a ride by scamsters can be reduced to a great extent.

 As most of the current bunch of fake watches are sold over the internet, there must be extra precaution taken before purchasing any luxury watches over the medium. Here, the fake watch sellers can fool their victims in myriad ways. One of the common strategies is to show the images of a real antique luxury watch and sell a fake version. Again, the severity of the threat is much higher in the cases of watches that are made in recent years. As it is quite easy for these people to find Chinese models that are similar in looks and features for a portion of costs of the authentic version ones, they can fool their customers by selling these watches in the garb of their luxury swiss made counterparts.

 Now, the watch industry has taken a serious note of the situation and has decided to take on the situation head on. They are primarily attempting to tackle fake watch sellers and their businesses over the internet. The FH (Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry) has resorted to take on these scammers with the help of new software. The internet wing of the industry watch dog is using their brand new software based monitoring system to take down fake watch selles and their websites. FH created the software based monitoring tool with the help of Bern University and is actively engaged in detecting fake watches over the internet and force the closure of the websites that sell them. As per the information provided by FH, they are able to force the closure of roughly 250 replica websites in the first week of the use of the new software itself.

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