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Carrera y Carrera

The right scenario for the creation of high-profile designer jewelry dates back to 1885, on Santa Isabel Street in Madrid, where José Esteban Carrera opened a small workshop in order to carve gemstones, which soon became a boom.  By 1960 he was honored to make the bridal tiara for the bride of King Baudouin of Belgium, Fabiola de Mora. It was worked by craftsmen and inlaid with precious stones.

In the early nineties, the company passed to a new generation. In 1970 Manuel and Juan José Carrera, cousins from the fourth generation of this family of jewelers, take over the business and create the Carrera y Carrera brand. The repeating of the name is what made it an original idea, where the image is completely renovated injecting a bold and innovative touch to please smart and passionate women.

An important factor that influenced this brand and helped it become a trendsetter was Spain’s economic progress, which was in full social revolution. The brand began to receive significant orders from personalities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepbum, Balenciaga, among others, and from then on the success of Carrera y Carrera was unstoppable.

In 1980, thinking about international expansion, the Carrera cousins decide to open a subsidiary in the United States, arranging alliances for distribution in Japan. Also, in 1992, they sold 50% of the Carrera y Carrera group to the Hong Kong jewelry, Continental Holding.

Continuing with the internationalization process, in 1999 Carrera y Carrera consolidates its development thanks to the financial support of the 3i Group with the addition of Maria Eugenia Giron and Luis Urvois, specialists in the jewelry industry. The main objective was to modernize the brand, as their jewelry looked a bit dated, which is why a group of new designers with extensive experience in this sector also joined the team.

Two years later, when Carrera and Carrera was growing rapidly, the ceramics company Lladró invested 15 million Euros, becoming a company with 45% of the shares and distributing their creations in the American market. Undoubtedly, the presence of Lladró in the United States greatly benefited the development of Carrera y Carrera. However, in 2006 Lladró acquires 100% of the shares; María Eugenia Girón then leaves the company, leaving his post to Alain Viot.

It is important to mention that the overall direction of the company is currently represented by Nathalie Guedj, who worked for Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels and who, due to her vast experience, arrived at Carrera and Carrera with the commitment to work with a team of one hundred artisans who devote themselves entirely to making majestic jewelry that anyone would wish to have.

Today, this prestigious company is present in 26 countries, with 19 boutiques and over 250 points of sale. Russia and Japan are its main markets, but shops can also be seen in Paris, Geneva, Mexico, Dubai and Riyadh. Their collections are common around the world but they are also adapted to the lifestyle of the region or the appearance of women.  For instance, Japan’s most successful creations are small and delicate because of the spontaneity of the ladies, but America and Russia have a taste for oversized jewelry to be displayed at classy events.

Among the novelties created by Carrera y Carrera, there are 3 watches that are considered true works of art. The Ruedo and Gardenia models, in two presentations, form a particular and sophisticated collection. The Ruedo model has a quartz movement, a black silk strap, a screwed caseback, a buckle in yellow gold and a dial in white mother of pearl.

The Gardenia models, one in yellow gold and one in white gold, show a watch with carefully crafted pieces, also with a black silk strap. All these models have a diameter of 38mm.

Carrera y Carrera also launched a collection inspired by love, freshness and elegance, made up of watches with a classic style and some a little more sophisticated. All with a unique concept of interchangeable bezel and cover that stands out with a combination of yellow and white gold and diamonds, thus increasing the versatility of each piece created.

Names such as Gardenia, Bamboo, Circle of Fire, Aqua and Dancing Butterfly conform the list of Carrera y Carrera watches, which have become a symbol of reputation and greatness for those lucky enough to wear on their wrist at least once a watch from this wonderful Spanish firm.

The Carrera and Carrera collections are renewed every year, and among the most emblematic pieces are the ring Lake of Roses, the Mumbai earrings and the Avalon watch, their latest creation, with diamonds, sapphire crystal and a built in Swiss quartz movement. Today customers are on a waiting list to acquire these unique designs.

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