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Cartier Astrotourbillon Carbon Crystal Limited Edition

Cartier is one of the most prominent names in jewelry making as well as jewelry sales. They have been providing world class jewelry products and services for their customers for the last many years. Recently, they announced the arrival of a stylish watch from their stable. It is named the Cartier Astrotourbillon Carbon Crystal Limited Edition Watch. The name sounds pretty impressive, right? As the maker is Cartier, the watch is highly likely to be equally impressive. Those of you have already glanced at the watch must be ardent fans of the model already. This unique and stunning piece of jewelry item is something that definitely warrants a second look.

Cartier carved out a niche for itself through the innovative jewelry items that they created for their customers. As they enter watch making industry, you can definitely hope to see some of the magic they have shown in their jewelry items in to their watches as well. By glancing at the Astrotourbillion, you will come to know about the artistry and work ethic that goes behind each creation from the world famous jeweler and watch maker. It helps them to have a wide range of experience in both jewelry arena as well as watch making. Obviously, they would not love to ruin the reputation they built through their jewelry items.

The Astrotourbillon model is using some of the features associated with another Cartier watch, the ID One. Both of them use the 47 mm wide blended case. Again, you can notice the diamond covered silicon parts on both these models from the jeweler. The specially crafted pallets and escapement wheel that do not require routine maintenance activities like lubrication and adjustment is another feature common among them. In fact, Cartier came up with the name carbon crystal for the diamond studded silicon casing which is used for the creation of the pallets, tourbillon bridge as well as escapement wheel.

Above all these facets of the fancy watch, its Astrotourbillon feature is something that is really worth mentioning. Unlike the traditional tourbillon that you are familiar with, this one is Cartier’s own interpretation of its vintage counterpart. The recreated version has a carriage with its axis at the movement’s center. Another interesting aspect is the uneven balance wheel bridge crafted like an arrow that rotates the dial one time every minute and denotes the seconds.

The watch case in the shape of a big Rotonde de Cartier adds a touch of elegance to it. The Roman numerals in grey color gel perfectly with the black watch dial. The visibility of the watch is the best in its class. Add to this the aesthetically crafted black leather strap, and you can never find any fault with the design.

Rumor mongers are predicting that the watch will be introduced at the very next Geneva Watch Fair. Cartier is planning to release only 50 watches of this limited edition model. They have not released the price yet. You can definitely expect to see a price tag running in to a hundred thousand or more dollars.

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