Casio G-Shock GA200RG Watch – Another Casio with features on the expected lines!

Casio G-Shock GA200RG Watch

Casio, the pioneering Japanese quartz watchmaker, is celebrating the third decade of their G-Shock watches. On this occasion, they are launching a few G-Shock as well as Baby-G models in shades of rose gold and black. It certainly looks like a good way to celebrate the rough and tough watch brand’s 30th birthday!

The light weight Casio model that we are looking at has analog and digital displays and is quite big in size. The watchmaker gave more importance to the stylistic elements of the watch rather than its functionality. At the same time, they haven’t completely lost out on the G-Shock aspect either.

When it comes to G-Shock models, the complexity of the dial design is the most noteworthy aspect. The watchmaker makes use of some of the state of the art cutting tools and machinery in their possession to carve these designs out. When you look at the price point offered by the watchmaker, you know the efficiency of the firm. The watch can easily be worn by the futuristic characters out of any science fiction movie. It is quite likely that Casio created the watch with their G-Shock buyer of the current times in mind. And, they have succeeded in coming up with a quality product.

The Casio G-Shock GA200RG has a bulky case with a width of 52.5 mm and a thickness of 16.7 mm. But, it weighs only 80 grams and is quite light on your wrists. The design of the lugs helps the watch to fit well on to most types of wrists. The watch can withstand shocks to a notable extent. It is rated water resistant up to 200 meters and is magnetic field resistant as well.

As was mentioned above, this particular watch is created with a lot more stress given for style over substance. You can clearly notice this in its legibility problems. The dial is not very easy to be seen in darkness. The lack of lume on the hands is the culprit here. The shorter length of the hands can be a reason for this too. Again, the backlit feature is not providing enough light to see the digital display in a clear manner. The digital display is not easy on your eyes in brightly lit rooms or dark lit rooms.

The watch comes with the date and time features visible at all times. Of course, you can change this default setting to one of the many settings available with the model. As is the case with all Casio watches from the beginning, this model also comes with a host of features that you can try out. Most of these features follow the same format as seen in the past creations from the watchmaker.

Casio created this watch with their traditional customers in mind. Teenage boys and young adults who love to dress up in the latest fashions that hit the market are going to love this watch and are likely to be the loyal customer base that Casio is targeting here.

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