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Casio G-Shock Smart Watch

Ever since smart phones made their debut, people have been expecting smart watches. It’s just the obvious next step, since the trend seems to be making everything smaller and smarter. But while others have been introducing watches that can use apps and other things, Casio is offering something that’s focused a little more on practicality.

Having a watch that can tell you baseball scores while you are sitting in a meeting at the office is pretty cool, and you might be wondering what a smart watch does if not apps. Well, the Casio G-Shock requires less Bluetooth power and a lot less battery power on both the watch and the phone. Do you really want to have to charge your watch, in addition to your phone, every couple of days? Maybe one day the apps will be a little more practical to put on a watch, but right now they crowd it up enough to make it difficult to read, and they just aren’t that necessary- they’re already in a more readable format on your phone.

Casio has instead been more selective about what phone apps might actually be needed enough at a time when you can’t look at your phone, or other things that come in handy. For instance, it lets you know when you get emails or text messages. It notifies you about calls, as well, though generally you probably notice when your phone is ringing. It also picks up your location from your iPhone, which is good for changing time zones and other things. It also will alert you when your iPhone is too far away. This might seem kind of useless, who is ever away from their iPhone? But you never know. If one day you happen to leave it on a bench or a shelf or a check-out counter, your watch will let you know before anyone has a chance to pick it up. This is also pretty useful in the event that somebody does pick up the phone when you’re out and about (i.e., if they are stealing it).

While apps sound more exciting, it seems Casio’s approach to creating a smart watch is a lot more sober and practical. The watch can only connect with iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, but there might be future watches that work with other major smartphones.

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