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Certified Art Appraisal Services from Artifactual History Appraisal

You would probably be surprised if we told you how sought-after art appraisal services are considered in the modern-day world. Well, it is crucial enough since there is a slew of domains where the skills of art appraisers are at a premium. Take, for example, insurance companies, art collectors, or some historic societies. You never know when you will need the help of art appraisers. However, if you do, then you should choose companies like Artifactual History Appraisal, one of the best and most experienced appraisal firms that will help with art and antique appraisals of any nature and complexity.

Certified Art Appraisal Services from Artifactual History Appraisal

Sarah Reeder on “The Probate Nation”

Certified art appraisal services from Artifactual History Appraisal

Artifactual History Appraisal is the brainchild of Sarah Reeder, a certified member of the International Society of Appraisers with the Private Client Services designation. Before establishing her own firm, Sarah Reeder had already had extensive experience working in the museum. When Artifactual History Appraisal was founded, she continued doing what she adores the most – providing appraisals for art and antiques. Her certified art appraisal services are popular with private collectors, dealers, lawyers, and even diplomatic and military communities.

Only one look at the portfolio is enough to say that Sarah Reeder is a wholehearted appraisal expert, for whom there is literally nothing impossible. She can evaluate decorative arts, silver, modern furniture, fine rugs, and many other items. Thanks to the comprehensive knowledge, her firm has earned the name of a reliable partner when it comes to preparing appraisal reports for insurance, collection management, damage claims, and other purposes.

Working with Artifactual History Appraisal is always a sheer pleasure since you always get the top-notch and timely art appraisal services provided by the professional appraiser. Even now, during the coronavirus pandemic, Sarah Reeder is continuing to provide her services online, appraising art and antiques from photos. She has also created the online course “SILVER 101: Quickly Learn How to Your Sterling Silver and Silverplate to Find the Valuable Pieces and Sort with Empowered Confidence” that can be studied from anywhere in the world. Such a dedication makes Artifactual History Appraisal a perfect option for those looking for first-rate appraisal services in the modern-day world.

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