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The sensational story of the iconic Chaumet brand, a jewelry manufacturer to the European courts, dates back to 1780 in the city of Paris, when Joséphine de Beauharnais, the wife of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, was the first to purchase the designs made by this prestigious firm.

Chaumet’s founder, Marie-Etienne Nitot, became the official jeweler for the family thanks to her stunning jewelry, and designed the tiaras, the imperial sword, and all the gowns of empresses Josephine and Maria Luisa. In the year 1815 Nitot decided to leave the business in the hands of her successors who, that same year, created jewelry inspired by the Italian Renaissance.  This jewelry quickly became the favorite of painters, writers, sculptors and theater actors.

Led by Joseph Chaumet, this prestigious firm began to offer exceptional designs that, with a touch of freshness, attracted royal and aristocrat costumers offering endless tiaras, fashion accessories and luxury-laden and eccentric social emblems. By 1910 Chaumet had already produced more than 1,500 tiaras.

That same year, Chaumet was visited by Indian princes who were in the business of collecting renowned jewelry and therefore acquired large pieces. In 1925, Chaumet launched its collection of more youthful and fresh designs, called Art Deco, at the Exposition des Arts Decoratifs held in Paris, where pieces with energetic colors and cuts of precious and semi precious stones were presented to thousands of customers.

Notably, Chaumet, with over 200 years of history has been the most recognized jewelry house since its beginnings, engaged in the manufacture of unique pieces including watches with precious stones that were given as gifts to diplomats and friends of the court.

The Chaumet watches have remained within the taste of increasingly demanding customers and, thanks to their exquisite and impeccable designs, filled with romance, they have quickly positioned themselves in this competitive industry.

The Class One watch collection presents the first watch specially designed for diving, combining diamonds, steel and rubber.  It was inspired by a heavy mono-hull ship from the early nineties. With its vibrant colors, like purple, blue, red, white and black, it offers a variety of watches for customers with more contemporary tastes.

The watches from the Khesis collection adjust to your wrist like a second skin, with a fine and delicate style for women, and adorned with sparkling crystal studs to create a soft starry reflection.  Undoubtedly a great jewel for anyone to have.

Paying tribute to the nineteenth century, Chaumet created the Dandy collection which, with a particular elegance and charm, presents its high quality watches with jumping hours, second time zone, chronometer, power reserve, and other elements that make these timepieces a true work of art.

The watches of the Liens collection are made with 18K gold and encrusted diamonds.  The perfect lines reveal a black satin watch with a very elegant and exclusive cut. Also the Joséphine watches, inspired by the Empress of the same name, are truly unique timepieces made with gold lace and a shower of diamonds, achieving a slender feminine style.

With a detailed dial and a mixture of diamonds and colored stones, the Attrape-moi collection shows the bee starring in these white or yellow gold watches, which are sure to impact many. This is an excellent choice for women with a different and original taste.

Today, Chaumet is part of the Investcorps Group, which also owns shares in Gucci and Nouvelle Lamania. The renowned French actress Sophie Marceau is the image of the Chaumet Liens collection.

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