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Chopard L.U.C. 8HF

Chopard sets a record in elevated watch speed beat movements once again and catapults the L.U.C 8HF to another fast first. This amazing timepiece owns a trial movement that beats at 8 Hz and has the very first elevated high beat escapement to be honored by the prestigious COSC certification.

Chopard has developed some high end mechanics and it can be customized to work together with any of the L.U.C movements and these mechanics are found inside the L.U.C 8HF. By doing this, Chopard is really pushing the boundaries of design and innovation making this technology to be fully operational and broadly to other L.U.C movements in the next coming years.

There are several explanations to increase BPH frequency of a movement. Firstly, it enables the chronograph to calculate time even more precisely. For example, if you desire to calculate one millisecond, you will require a movement that has a frequency that beats at least at that same rate. Secondly, the faster the beats the balance make, its accuracy is increased incredibly making it even more precise. In other words even if the time piece is hit by something it will not have an impact in accuracy on an above average frequency movement. If the case was a lower beat movement, it is more likely to be exposed to inaccuracy under these circumstances.

Increasing the beat is not a simple task, but Chopard was able to keep its power reserve for at least 60 minutes with one barrel for the 8HF. Silicon has been implemented as raw material for some of the components of the escapement, such as the escape lever, wheel, and impulse pin.

The 8HF has succeeded in technology, class and innovation. Its case is made of 42mm titanium along with a material finished with a mono block in the back that hugs kindly the wrist. The case back has small magnified window that can be used to see all the splendor of the high frequency wonder in action.

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