Check Out the Christophe Claret Soprano Tourbillon Minute Repeater and Enjoy its Sweet Chiming Sound

Christophe Claret Soprano

The watches from the house of Christophe Claret have always been of the highest quality. Watch lovers have been amazed by the creativity as well as dedication showed by Manufacture Claret towards the luxury watches originated in their house. The complications added to some of their watches were really of a spellbinding nature and helped them to attain their current stature.

One of the latest offerings from the watchmaker is the Christophe Claret Soprano tourbillon minute repeater and is certainly going to please your eyes and ears in equal measure. The chiming sound of the watch is as pleasing on your ears as the overall design is pleasing on your eyes. The watch is a true marvel in both its visual and audible aspects.

The watch has a 60 second tourbillon aesthetically incorporated in to it. The minute repeater is created to resonate like the well-known Westminster chime. The open works dial lets you enjoy the inner workings of the watch. Another interesting feature of the watch is the visible flying tourbillon located at 6 O’ clock position.

When you listen to musical four note minute repeater on the watch, you will certainly be amazed by it. The perfection of the Westminster chimes and the rotation of the cathedral gongs around the watch movement is the best feature of the watch. The use of grade 5 titanium as well as the open dial feature adds to the quality of the chimes and ensures the highest quality sound production. This exposed feature ensures the clear visibility of the striking mechanism in action generating the ethereal acoustics.

The watchmaker is constantly coming up with newer and better technology to enhance the acoustics of his watches. In order to accomplish such high quality sounds, he created Analyser 2000. This software is able to record every sound and silence created by watches and thus assists in the assessment of the sound quality later. Now a days, you can see sapphire bridges on many watches from various manufacturers. It was Claret who came up with this innovation for the very first time. His compatriots just copied this design element on to their designs.

The watch case is 45 mm in size and can be obtained in different combinations of rose gold, white gold and platinum. Black alligator straps with black, red and blue stitching are enhancing the elegance of these watches. Christophe Claret Soprano is a limited edition watch that is produced eight in number in each of rose gold, white gold and platinum versions. If you wish to purchase one of these watches, you will have to cough up almost half a million Swiss Francs.

Where will you get a chance to see, touch and listen to the Soprano? The watch would be on display at SalonQP Fine Watch Exhibit in UK that will be hosted by the Saatchi Gallery during the second week of November. If you plan to visit UK during this year, try to arrange the trip during November and enjoy the audible pleasure offered by Claret and company!

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