Contemporary Japanese Artists at Onishi Gallery

Contemporary Japanese Artists at Onishi Gallery

Being listed among the most captivating world capitals, New York boasts a rich art scene, with several hundred cultural establishments dedicated to visual art created by the artists from all over the world. One of the noteworthy NYC galleries is Onishi Gallery that features an impressive selection of art pieces by the most prominent Japanese artists of today.

The gallery was founded by Nana Onishi, a devoted art appreciator with a Master of Fine Arts degree earned at the Pratt Institute in NYC. Onishi also received relevant education in one of the top-rated Japanese art colleges. She is an experienced curator who has worked in the museums in Japan, Italy, and the USA before establishing her own art gallery.

Contemporary Japanese Artists at Onishi Gallery

Onishi Gallery opened its doors to the admirers of contemporary Japanese art in 2005 in Chelsea, NYC. For over the 14-year history of its existence, this art gallery has exhibited a plethora of exquisite creations by many talented Japanese artists and presented to the sophisticated New-York audience various art objects and massive installations produced from a whole range of different materials, including glass and metal. Besides that, Onishi Gallery has held expositions of ceramic sculptures and exceptional paintings.

What unites the talented masters of Japanese art presented at Onishi Gallery is their deep respect toward the fundamentals of the creative process, as they are very expressive in their craftsmanship. The distinctive peculiarity of the gallery is its focus on combining the traditional methods of artistic expression with new, unusual formats of visual art. Hence, the gallery provides the connoisseurs with original artworks by Japanese artists who connect the past with the present through the use of diverse creative techniques, both conventional and experimental.

Such reputable art institutions as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, and few other major art museums have in their collections masterpieces by the Japanese artists introduced by Onishi Gallery. These remarkable examples of the best contemporary art are an essential part of many permanent expositions.

Onishi Gallery plays a crucial role in the preservation of historical and artistic legacies of Japan. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of the government of Japan recognized this accomplishment with the title “Living National Treasures.”

Besides making efforts to retain the cultural heritage of the Land of the Rising Sun, Onishi Gallery works in the direction of the international exchange of artistic achievements, mainly between Asia and America. This gallery is indeed a must-visit place in New York, so take some time to get acquainted with its amazing selection of Japanese art.

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