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CT Scuderia Corsa

When hunting for wrist watches, you will definitely find a variety of them crafted like sports watches from a foregone era. But, it is never easy to find new watches that look contemporary and also possessing sport stopwatch like features. The reasons for this can be anything from a variety of possible ones. In most real life scenarios, people who are responsible for measuring time at sporting events and recording them for posterity use dedicated stopwatches for accomplishing their goals. They do not use their wrist watches for this purpose. Even when the stop watches available in the market are digital by nature, they are still used in large numbers. Great stopwatches from all watch makers are crafted with two things in mind; accuracy and easy readability. These aspects can be incorporated in to wrist watches to make them even more popular and interesting.

There are not many wrists watches that were based on a sports stopwatch design. CT Scuderia is one of them and is not too far behind the best one among them; the Seiko Izul. But, the Seiko model is not easily available and is beyond the reach of many watch lovers. The CT Scuderia series of watches scores in this section and are affordable for most of us. CT Scuderia Corsa is one of the most notable creations from this Italian watch maker.

The design aesthetic specifically followed in Corsa is the primary aspect that you notice about it. Of late, Italian watch makers are incorporating such polarizing designs in to their creations and are trying to make a design statement of their own. The good thing about such adventures is that some of them are likely to turn out in to perfectly groomed watches, while some others can be total disasters. Italian society is known as the fashion incubator of the world and constantly comes up with various fashion statements in designer clothing and limited edition watches. The watch makers from each country are known to have their own design traits. The Swiss are conservative by nature, Germans are interested in the functional aspects and the Italians are risk takers who love expressive watches.

The color combination used on the watch is quite interesting with its white lacquered dial, black markers, purplish blue minute hand and red hour hand. There is version of the watch with a black dial also. The lume applied on the watch is sufficient to provide visibility at dark. But, the watch would have looked even better with lume applied all over the dial. The mineral crystal used on the watch has sapphire coated on it. The AR coating on the crystal reduces glare on it. The watch is water resistant up to a depth of 100 meters.

The watch case is available in steel and PVD black. The black leather strap of the watch gels well with the overall design. You might be expecting it to be a mechanical movement. But, this Swiss watch movement is based on quartz technology. The asking price for the CT Scuderia Corsa is from $ 995 to $ 1,395.

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