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When it comes to women’s watches, there are not many choices available in luxury watches. I am not saying that watchmakers avoid them entirely or anything like that. There are luxury watchmakers who do make their fair share of ladies watches. But, the range of available selection in these watches is much lower than what are available for their male counterparts. What could be the reason for this situation? It is not easy to please a lady. Two ladies are highly unlikely to wear the same kind of accessories. This is true about watches as well. Hence, these luxury watchmakers are probably looking at their female customers as a tough nut to crack and may not be spending much effort for women specific designs.

Davena watches are an exception to this rule. They are confident of their craft and have been coming out with a steady stream of ladies watches that are definitely going to bowl the women over. What are the things that are special about this watchmaker? Women love to have lots of color on their watches. Davena watches have plenty of color on their watches. They do not use lighter shades of manly colors. They are bold enough to use women friendly colors that are definitely a bit edgy in nature. As the tag line goes, ‘diamonds are the best friend of a woman’, women love to have flashy stones in their jewelry items and every other accessory they have. Davena watches knows this aspect well and came out with watches that are full of Swarovsky crystals. You can find them all over the lugs as well as the bezel. They definitely use colorful crystals in large numbers to please their colorful customers. They are not known for their love of white diamonds. For this watch maker, it is always, more the color; the merrier.


How good are the watch and the crystals for rough and tough wear? Davena watches are not built to last a tough ordeal. The water resistance of these watches is not very good. Again, exposure to water will damage the crystals. So, while wearing Davena watches, make sure you stay away from swimming pool, sauna etc. Again, it is a must to protect the watch from chemicals. If not the crystals will be damaged and it will ruin the watch.

The watch colors that are available for you to choose are blue, black, brown, orange, green, pink, red, purple, yellow and white. Thus, the women do not have any chance to complain about the lack of color choices.

Where are Davena watches originally from? The watch design has its origins in Austria and is powered by a Japanese watch movement. The watch parts come from Austria, China and Japan. Thus, they are truly a global brand. The stylish design elements and the flashy color combinations make this watch in to a favorite one of the women from many parts of the globe. At a price well below the $ 1000 mark, Davena watches are very reasonably priced for most working women from around the globe.

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