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In a quite far time of the end of the Cold War three exotic men met each other. Alfred Terzibachian, Louai Kuzbari and Pierre Koukjian – these were their names. At the time of their first contacts the last one, Pierre, was already well-known and lucky jewelry designer. Step by step – and after some time of discussions all the three men found them in a close friendship and began to share strong ideas about their mutual future in the form of business enterprise.

Their initial phase of road to success took all the time of 90-s epoch. Great powers were disappearing from the face of the Earth, while our three men worked hard to get in contact with high level Swiss watch making and jewelry industry leaders. Pierre was their designer, Alfred became CEO and Louai took the control of financial side of the business. Their task was to produce fresh design in special moments for special clients. Quite a big number of Geneva watchmaking centers gave them highest scores during that period.

In the beginning of the Third Millenium, in the era of Global Terrorism Threat and International Space Station over the Earth, our three heroes finally decided to use their experience and possibilities to create something very own, to establish their common brand identity. So, 2003 year became a time of their brand foundation, named deLaCour. Within their renewed enterprise their saved their previous proven way of inner organization and claimed as their main task a wish to step into the highest ranks of Swiss the most interesting, creative and technological watchmaking companies.

In fact any deLaCour watch model isn’t something that literally produced by deLaCour from the first to the last detail. Watch model creation process looks a bit another. It can be compared with a torrent-tracker work, where somebody prepares his work to be gotten by other people, but he cannot hold a high speed without efforts of other users, who interchange their parts of the content. So, the key feature of deLaCour successful strategy is to work with various Swiss timepiece workshops with whom they can interchange timepiece details and the very ideas of the watches, thus making it possible to work out something unique in a very short time. One more feature – deLaCour watch model is always something of quite a limited edition, not a widespread craft-work, but an elite masterpiece of high art

In the same 2003 deLaCour presented itself on world level for the first time – with their Bichrono collection at the Basel Exhibition.

Since that year we can observe constant and only triumphant way of new deLaCour watch collections, full of innovative beauty of decisions. Among the we can mention Biturbillon model that was presented in 2004, in contains two tourbillons with a differential link – with one at 5 o’clock and the second one at 7 o’clock and a shooting star placed at 12 o’clock.

The core design principles of deLaCour may be characterized as something laconic, but what laconic, in fact, we can find in many new Bichrono models with natural precious wood and tobacco leafs in their materials? It can be anything, a whole sensual explosion, but not a laconism!

City Collection, the Saqra, the Promess Line and Saqra II and… well, there can be found quite a long list of intriguing editions with their respective design features.

What should be told additionally is the fact that ANY deLaCour watch model is a result of inspired art work, selected precious materials and careful production technologies.

Any person who may get any deLaCour watch isn’t just a person who buys a wristwatch whatever its price is, but is one who gets a real treasure, a little piece of all the human civilization progress.

Yet a day may come when one may need to sell his or her deLaCour watch – and it won’t be any kind of a problem – as far as our civilization exists – as long we can find those who appreciate everything beautiful and worth of possess.

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