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Devon Tread 1 Steampunk Watch

Tread 1, the belt driven watch from the house of Devon, arrived on to the watch making scene a couple of years back. In fact, the initial videos of the watch and its working posted on YouTube were quite a sensation among the people who visit the site.

Right now, Devon is out with a limited edition version of the Tread 1 with the name Steampunk. From the initial looks, it is a better version of the original product from the company. The new and improved luxury watch is a nice addition to the watches available in the market now. The mechanical watch is an example of original art form at work. Those of you were amazed by the design aesthetics incorporated in to the Tread 1 are certain to enjoy Steampunk too.

How is Tread 1 Steampunk different from its predecessor? As far as the basic design concepts are concerned, both of them are very close to each other. The movement that is powering both of these models is the same. Of course, the Steampunk has the state of the art firmware in it and can have its associated benefits. Again, the length, breadth and thickness of the cases are comparatively the same in both models. At the same time, the newer version of the watch does have a look and feel unlike that of the old one. Just by glancing at it, you will see the array of screws on it. They are used for decorative purpose and are unlikely to fall off.

The basic idea behind the watch is to use a series of motors and a computer to move belts to effectively tell the time. The time can be seen on the windows on dial.

The Steampunk version is certain to remind you off the science fiction novels that you have read through in your past. Again, some of you may think about the machines that are seen working at the companies where you work at. This cool looking watch is certainly something out of the future that is here in the market way ahead of its time.

Another interesting aspect of the Steampunk is the overall ‘aged’ look and feel associated with it. It does not have a shiny, brand new look associated with it. A lot of it is accomplished with the aesthetic use of bronze in the watch. At the same time, the parts that run the watch in its inside are all brand new. The brand new inside and the aged looking outside are a nice contrast to each other. The stylish use of bronze helped the watch to accomplish its unique look and feel. The computerized micro controller running the watch operation from its inside is a total contrast to the aged look and feel of the watch.

Brown and gold are the predominant shades in this watch model. People who enjoyed Star Trek and video games in their younger days are definitely going to enjoy this watch. Watch collectors would enjoy showcasing this watch on their wrists. At $ 25,000 the watch offers you a pretty reasonable price.

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