Devon Watches Funky Futuristic Tread 1 Exoskeleton Watch

Devon Watches Funky Futuristic Tread 1 Exoskeleton Watch

Challenging the Idea of What Makes Devon Watches Great

If you haven’t been keeping up with the watches Devon Works has been creating lately, now is the time to check them out. The Tread 1 watch is completely different from any watch you’ve ever seen before. Some might be repulsed by Devon watches and their funky futuristic design, but others are sure to love them for the very same reason.

The company is still relatively new, but based on what’s been seen so far, Devon watches promise to be haute couture pieces that challenge the idea of what makes a watch great. So far, the Tread 1 series has some very impressive pieces, like the Steampunk Tread 1. Although the term “steampunk” tends to conjure images of Victorian-style technology and fashion, the look is very at home on the Tread 1. This year at Baselworld, the brand will be introducing the most interesting Devon watch yet, the Tread 1 Exoskeleton.

The Use of Conveyor Belts in Devon Watches

The Tread 1 was enough to immediately garner a lot of attention for Devon watches, which is more than many new companies can hope for. What’s great about these watches is that they are, inside and out, a major departure from what is usually expected in the watch. The most obvious of these unusual features is the set of conveyor belts, like tiny treadmills (hence the name “Tread”) that display the time.

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You might be surprised at the amount of technology that goes into making this system work. Each belt has its own tiny electric motor and a sensor to ensure the accuracy of the individual belt. The watch is powered by small lithium battery that lasts up to two weeks. It can be recharged wirelessly. Watches with batteries are often looked down upon, but that’s usually because they tend to have unsophisticated quartz movements and few, if any, innovations. Obviously, this watch is a totally different story. The battery and the mechanisms it powers are as unique and innovative as anything on the market.

Looks Like Devon Watches Come Straight Out of a Movie

In fact, nothing in this watch is the sort of thing you find in most timepieces, because none of its parts were obtained from suppliers that specialize in creating supplies for watchmakers. Instead, the aerospace industry supplies the materials for Devon watches. Even the glass isn’t your average material- rather than sapphire crystal or mineral glass, this glass is made of some sort of carbonate that just happens to be bullet-proof. In addition, Devon watches are made in California rather than Switzerland or any other prestigious old-world site of mechanical prowess.

The Exoskeleton looks to be the most exciting of all the Devon watches that have been released so far. It’s a Tread 1, and much of its style is like of the original, but the brand enhanced the look by skeletonizing everything. The dial, the belts, the even the bracelet is skeletonized. Considering that the other models include straps instead of bracelets, it might be that they added a bracelet just to make it see-through. The result looks like something out of Blade Runner, sleek, shiny parts on top of sleek, shiny parts. With this young company jumping into the world of luxury timepieces with such bold and challenging designs, it will definitely be interesting to see where Devon watches go in the future.

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