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Dior is a French luxury goods company that produces a wide range of products. They are most famous for their high-fashion apparel, fragrance and cosmetics. Mr. Christian Dior is the genius behind the House of Dior. He founded his self-titled line of fashion apparel in 1946 with the financial help of Marcel Boussac. Dior was granted complete leadership and creative freedom despite his financial obligations to Mr. Boussac.

Dior became an instant hit. Its classic, yet contemporary designs took off immediately with women. The brand launched its wristwatch line in 1975. The first watch released was called Black Moon. It was an intriguing black and gold dress watch that certainly gained popularity for Dior wristwatches. It featured a black-out dial with black strap and gold accenting. When John Galliano began working for Dior as a designer he helped give the wristwatches more flair. Between the late 1970’s through 1990’s, Dior wristwatches weren’t doing as well as hoped. Under Galliano’s direction popularity accumulated quickly.

Dior now produces wristwatches for both men and women in stunning luxurious styles. Their main models are dressy watches for special occasions at reasonable price points considering the high-end aspect. Many material and jewel options are available. Dior is a line for individuals who seek simplistic, luxurious, contemporary wristwatches. They are made of high quality components and of course boast the legacy of Dior. For a captivating luxury wristwatch don’t hesitate to check out Dior wristwatches.

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