Döttling Guardian Travel Safe

Döttling Guardian Travel Safe

The Döttling Guardian Travel Safe is the best and most comfortable way to carry your luxury watches. This product secures your most beloved watches and keeps them very safe, so you can be very comfortable when traveling. It has a design that provides a protection ideal for traveling and it has space inside of it for up to six watches, money, and any type of jewelry or even documents.

The Döttling Guardian Travel Safe has a shoulder strap or a handle making it really easy and portable for any user. It weighs around 9 pounds meaning that it is made of a very resistant material.

The price of this amazing article is around 13,000 up to 25,000 U.S dollars depending on how much you custom the Guardian Travel Safe.

The Guardian Travel Safe’s has a centerpiece that is multi walled and comes in a form of a cylinder that has been developed by Döttling. The materials used in the Guardian Travel Safe are high end and high tech materials and some of the materials’ composition are top secret. For example a component made of carbide in the Guardian is almost as hard as a diamond and it is even possible to break tools such as saws or drills that attempts to open by force the Guardian Travel Safe.

It is also privileged of an aramid fabric made of carbon fiber that is truly a blessing. It is both cut resistant and tear-proof. It has the same material used by the bullet proof vests meaning that it is a very reliable material for sure. Polycarbonate has been used for the innermost and outermost layers of this ultra-safe Guardian Travel cylinder. Polycarbonate is often used in helmet visors or anti-riot shields, making it very shock resistant and ensures the user that it won’t be destroyed.

Another safety measure Döttling has included in the Guardian is the security safe door with a 3 digit code.

To add even more safety, the brand has included a worldwide GPS that ensures the Guardians location even more.

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