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Dottling Gyrowinder Watch Winder

Did you ever think about using a device to wind your wrist watch? In most cases, you are unlikely to think of such a necessity. The only exception could be a pampered socialite like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton. Then they will most probably have their nannies to wind their watches for them.

Now, here is a really serious gadget available to get your watch wound. You may not believe it. But, it is true. It would seem like a story out of a science fiction novel or an episode of Star Trek. The German firm Döttling has come up with a device named Gyrowinder that is termed as the coolest presentation watch winder available in the market. Obviously, nobody needs such a gadget to wind their watch. That is probably the reason why the creators call it a presentation watch winder! Here, Döttling is trying their level best to sell a device that is unlikely to impress people. They are creating the gadget as a system to display your watch while it is winding it. But, who is going to watch such a gadget and enjoy the sight. And, can you believe someone is going to place it on their table. Such a device is highly likely to be left out on a display shelf. May be you can place it like the artsy items that you place on your desk.

Imagine the scene where you arrive at your office and removing your watch from your wrists and place it on the Döttling Gyrowinder! Are you likely to do that? Of course, you need not wind the watch and it will be off your wrists. People with sweaty palms may love this aspect of the gadget. Again, if you work on the computers and type a lot, you may find it easier to not have the watch on your wrists.

How would the watch feel about being wound by the Gyrowinder? As it is your own personal device, the watch may feel betrayed by your inability to even provide the basic needs of the device! In case the Gyrowinder over winds it, the watch may feel stressed and may suffer hyper tension and other related problems!

Döttling Gyrowinder lets you place the watch in a variety of positions and angles so that it can be easily seen from any position you may be sitting or standing near it. According to the creator, the visibility of the watch on the device would be as good as that from your own wrists. Still, would you even think about buying such a gadget?

The watch winder does come with its own set of LED lights. This way, your precious watch would always be in the lime light, just like a pampered celebrities out on the red carpet! Can you do anything better than providing spot lights for your watch to shine in all its glory?

Döttling Gyrowinder is available for purchase in two models. The first one is a combination of steel and a black base, and the second one is a combo of gold and brass. It can be purchased for € 11,800.

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