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Ernst Benz

In 1960 the Ernst Benz brand was known for its manufacture of watches for planes inspired by World War II. The first model was the Benz Micro Aircraft Chronograph, which became a priority instrument for many single-engine aircrafts, gliders and military instructors.  It was considered as the most famous in Europe and, years later, it was a global boom.

This Swiss company was growing rapidly, thanks to the inventions and innovations of its founder, Ernst Benz.  He was a young aviator with visionary ideas that led to the development of masculine and extremely precise wirstwatches with a high profile and quality.  These watches were preferred by customers who appreciated luxury and elegance.

Five decades later, the company was taken over by Leonid Kankin, a member of the Russian Air Force and part of a second generation of watchmakers.  He was appointed by Ernst Benz himself, who was looking for a young person to share his passion for mechanical watchmaking and aviation instruments. He was sure that Kankin was the person for the job.

Soon after, the brand grew in several countries in Europe and, for the first time, restored old pieces belonging to various brands of luxury watches. Leonid Kankin grew up in his father’s watch restoration workshops and, by age 17, he was already reintegrating Patek Philippe parts. He was chosen by Mr. Benz, and helped him develop the Moonwatch watch collection, which included the highly successful Chronoscope.

In 2005, Ernst Benz asked Kankin to assume full control of the business and become his successor, CEO and creative. In 2010 the watch production increased from 400 to 5,000 pieces per year, with 120 points of sale around the world.

The primary objective of this company was and is to be inspired by the life of its founder and express their passion for the watches in the planes of the 1940s, but translated into a vision of future and modernity. Certain details, like the propellers on the needles and the orange color, remain in the designs currently manufactured.  Another important factor is that they were the first to create watches that were 47mm in diameter, which makes the brand more attractive. They have also launched watches that are 40 and 44mm in diameter to please everyone.

The Ernst Benz watches have been created to suit all men.  That is, men of any age can wear an Ernst Benz watch.  This is a well known brand that offers a variety of models with authentic style.

Great Circle is one of the latest collections from Ernst Benz.  It was inspired by the spirit of aviation and the art of watchmaking, and it is easily recognized for its exceptional craftsmanship. It was shown in 2005 at the opening of the new boutique located in the Universal Watch Company in Birmingham, Michigan.  The store was decorated with modern and fresh elements that are popular today.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, in 2010, Ernst Benz launched its new line of watches, which highlights the limited edition PEK Chronoscope model, featuring an elegant design and Chinese numerology. The number 8 on this piece is highlighted in a different color because it represents the lucky number in China.  Its dial is 47mm in diameter, is enhanced by stainless steel and comes in two colors: black and red. Only 88 pieces were made of this collection. Its next limited collection is called Black PVD and has only 8 pieces.  It will be revealed after this one is sold out.

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