F.P. Journe Quantieme Perpetuel Watch

F.P. Journe Quantieme Perpetuel Watch

F.P. Journe is known to manufacture only a thousand watches every year. This Geneva based watchmaker has Francois Paul leading its watchmaking operations from the forefront. The designer watches from the firm have consistently been held among the best designs that arrive on to the world watchmaking scene. Watchmakers as well as normal watch loving public are definitely going to love the creations from the house.

The perpetual calendar feature is a favorite one of both watchmakers and the general public. The useful nature of the feature in letting the user know the day and date for a long time makes it in to one of the most treasured watch complications. Many other features like minute repeater or tourbillon seen on complicated watches are not providing anything beneficial for the user. Basically, these features are there like jewelry that enhances the look and appeal of the watch. They do not provide the user any real value.

F.P. Journe has come up with a new perpetual calendar watch. They named it the ‘Quantieme Perpetuel’, which is the equivalent term for perpetual calendar. This watch is definitely one of the best creations from the watchmaker. This watch is going to take over the place held by Octa Calandrier that was the basic perpetual calendar model from F.P. so far. The stylish watch is making full use of the entire space available on the dial. Here, you will find many similarities with the classic calendar watches. In the past, most watches from the stable were known for the features of the hands and dials. In the latest version, they changed the stress on to the window and discs. Here, they made good use of discs to show day, date and month. And F.P. is quite successful in coming out with a winner. The end product is particularly noteworthy for its symmetry and readability. The power reserve indicator is also incorporated on to the dial.

Caliber FPJ 1300.3 (1300-3), an in house crafted automatic watch movement, is responsible for managing the watch and its operations. They altered one of their routine calibers by including a perpetual calendar feature to it and came up with this movement. Another noteworthy aspect of the watch is its use of the entire dial for showing the primary time. Many other watches assign this task to a sub dial.

Most luxury watches use precious metals like gold, titanium etc. to create the watch case. F.P. Journe goes one step ahead and creates the case as well as the watch movement with 18 caret gold. You are unlikely to see such luxury in many other watches. The watch movement can work continuously for 120 hours at one time. People who love gold are going to enjoy the golden rotor that is designed so that even the slightest hand movement will wind the watch movement.

F.P. Journe Quantieme Perpetual is available in two case sizes of 42 mm and 40 mm and can be chosen in either one of the two materials, platinum or 18 caret rose gold.

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