Five Popular Contemporary Art Trends That Are Here to Stay

Five Popular Contemporary Art Trends That Are Here to Stay

The artistic landscape is rapidly changing, with new artists trying to get their name out there every day and exhibitions and shows constantly popping up all over the world. Even though the flow of the art world might seem unpredictable, some contemporary art trends have proven their relevance and appeal.

Five Popular Contemporary Art Trends That Are Here to Stay

Recycled art

With the interest in the influences of human activity on our planet growing exponentially, more and more artists are turning toward sustainable artistic practices. Artwork made from recycled materials is by no means a new phenomenon, but it has reached the peak of its popularity over the past decade. This art trend is characterized by the use of discarded objects that others treat like something to be disposed of to draw attention to issues such as climate change and overconsumption.

Textile art

Today, it is almost impossible to visit a large art fair without seeing textile artwork. Fabric offers a limitless number of possibilities for creative expression because it is easy to find and comes in different colors and textures. Each textile artist has their own unique way of telling their story through this medium. Some use only natural dies and organically sourced cotton, others embroider their canvas paintings, and some hand weave entire large-scale installations.

Five Popular Contemporary Art Trends That Are Here to Stay

Appropriation art

Appropriation art is a term commonly associated with art world giants like Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol, but this movement is still going strong today. In the age of new media and rampant consumerism, appropriation art is more relevant than ever. For example, Damien Hirst and KAWS, two of the most popular contemporary artists, are heavily inspired by pop culture.

Immersive installations

The rapid rise of immersive art has probably been influenced by the way modern people interact with the world around them. Today, art is not just something to look at from afar but something you can become a part of. Immersive art installations, be they virtual or in real life, provide a sense of transporting to a different, fantastical world, which many of us use as a form of escapism.

Abstract sculpture

Abstract art will always be relevant, and abstract sculpture, in particular, is ever-present at almost all contemporary art exhibitions. Why is it so highly appreciated in the art world of today? It is for the same reason: contemporary people love abstract art in general. Because of the abstract sculpture’s form, it is easy to project our interpretation onto it, which, one could argue, is part of the appeal of art as a whole.

Five Popular Contemporary Art Trends That Are Here to Stay

It is hard to predict where the art world will head in the next couple of years. At the same time, it is safe to say that the above-mentioned contemporary art trends are not leaving their pedestals any time soon.