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Fortis Men’s 647.10.11 M B-42 Official Cosmonauts Day/ Date Aeronautic Black Dial Watch

The International Space Station is constantly roaming out in the outer space of the earth for almost two decades now. The Russian and European collaboration is responsible for ensuring and providing the best gadgets for the safety of the space station as well as its inhabitants, the cosmonauts. After stringent tests, they chose Fortis B-42 Cosmonauts as the watch for these cosmonauts during their stay in zero gravity. The fact that the Russian Space Agency as well as the Star City Training Center has allowed the watch maker to emboss the official emblems of these firms on the watch model’s case back is in itself a testament to the workmanship and accuracy associated with the model.

 If you opt to buy a watch in this series, you have the option to get it customized with the squadron insignia, which is a part of the Squadron Watches Program of the brand.

 The asking price for the watch model is $ 1,975

 Fortis has been going places with their interesting watch making skills throughout the last century or so. During this period of time, the watches from the brand have travelled to parts of the universe that no other watch brand was able to reach. The very first batch of Mercury astronauts was wearing Fortis Spacematic on their wrists. Even now, aviators and astronauts prefer this model of watch over their compatriots. The current bunch of people on board the International Space Station and the watch on their wrists is yet another testament of this fact. For the last decade and a half, Fortis has been the official watch of the Russian space program.

 On the hundredth birthday of the firm, Fortis is celebrating the occasion with its die hard customers. Right now, they are conducting a contest to share this great achievement. In fact, the contest started on 1st September, 2012 and will be going on until 31st March, 2013. Who can participate in the contest? The contest is open to the general public. Anyone can participate in the program and provide their artistic ideas for the world’s first Zero-G Space Art Contest. All you need to possess is the ability to come up with an interesting art form that is related to the space voyages of the times and beyond.

 What would be the gift for the contest winner? Fortis will provide the winner with a chance to go out of earth in to the outer space and enjoy weightlessness. They achieve this aboard a special parabolic aircraft flight which has the ability to simulate the atmosphere of orbital flight. The lucky person will be joined by the people from the German Sport University of Cologne on the special aircraft in understanding the various facets of weightlessness. And as the icing on the cake, the watchmaker is providing the contest winner with a stylish watch that is worn by the cosmonauts in the International Space Station. The winner will be gifted with a Fortis Men’s 647.10.11 M B-42 Official Cosmonauts Day/Date Aeronautic Black Dial Watch!

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