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The origins of the luxury watch brand Franc Vila go back to the 2005 Basel World fair in Switzerland, where a young man from Valencia, only 30 years old, presented to the public his first watch collection named Esprit Unique.  This collection was renewed over the years, without losing its originality, and what started as a personal challenge for Franc Vila became a great success.  He was only a fan of this type of watches but, thanks to his extraordinary creation, he quickly positioned himself in this competitive industry.

Franc Vila’s interest in watches started when he was 7 years old.  He discovered that his father kept a watch in a drawer, but he also observed that the watch had stop.  He asked his father why, and his response was that watches only worked with human contact; he then proved it by touching the watch, which immediately started to work. Franc Vila realized there was a magical relationship between humans and watches, and he vowed to someday create his own watch.

One of the most famous collections from Franc Vila is the Cobra Chronograph Large Date, designed especially for people involved in extreme sports. The carbon fiber between the materials helps protect the watch during this type of activity.  It also has mechanical and automatic movements.

On the other hand, the Cobra Tourbillon Planetarium series shows a watch equipped with a flying tourbillon and with 5 days of power reserve.  It offers a special differential wheels system that surrounds the energy reserves, achieving a global style finish.  This timepiece, made with titanium and a rubber strap, is undoubtedly desired by many.

A calendar that shows the phases of the moon and the dates, a titanium casing designed for strong men and a stainless steel case; these represent the essence of the next collection from Franc Vila, named Quantième Perpetua.

Currently, the most exclusive watch offered by this brand is the prestigious Super Lightweight Planetarium Tourbillon, which includes a new technology called nanotechnology in its movements.  Its internal details are worked with a material called Lightnium, which is tougher than steel and diamond.

Thanks to its unique and original creations, this brand is distributed in several countries, including Spain, United States, South and Central America, UAE, Netherlands, Russia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Egypt, Israel, Australia and Malaysia, with a production of 700 watches per year.

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