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Franck Muller No.11 7000 CC CD Watch

Franck Muller was officially established in Genthod, near Geneva in 1991. In the early nineties the Swiss watch production endured a serious crisis. Appearance of the quartz mechanism made the majority of manufacturers decline their production or just disappear.

The decision of Franck Muller to stand against the rules and produce watches with complications was very courageous. Moreover the brand dared to present the case of such form as Cintrée Curvex™ and this decision became very successful. Thus, thanks to courage and an innovative approach this company could form a keynote of watch fashion. Today the Franck Muller brand is well known over the world as the master of complications.

 Franck Muller No.11 7000 CC CD is an unusual watch due to its round form. It should be mentioned that company produces round models on rare occasions. Franck Muller No. 11 7000 CC CD convincingly proves high aptitudes of the brand in the field of traditional watch art. This model expresses quintessence of genius of watch-makers and general craft skill of   Franck Muller. This watch of a round form is a symbol of purity and refinement of severity and classical elegance that allow it not to depend on quick fashion tendencies.

For the first sight the gamma of Franck Muller No.11 is very simple, but it fact it makes this model to show true elegance. The case, lugs, buttons of chronograph and crown are made of 18K white gold. The clasp is made of the same metal. All these elements except crown and clasp are inlaid with white diamonds. Same precious stones also decorate the dial of this watch. Blue sapphires play a major role of hour markers. Blued steel hour, minute and second hands are perfectly combined with them.

This model has three counters of a chronograph placed at 3, 6 and 9 o’ clock. Automatic movement with a platinum rotor responds for watch accuracy. Besides this, Franck Muller No.11 entire design solution will be suited both for men and women.

Just take a practical look at this precious Franck Muller’s No. 11 in a white diamond case – it is quite enough to recognize its uniqueness. And there is no barrier for you to get this watch on your wrist!

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