Franck Muller Thunderbolt 5 Second Tourbillon – The fastest one among tourbillons

Franck Muller Thunderbolt 5 Second Tourbillon

The latest creation from the stable of the famous watchmaker Franck Muller has the finesse of a James Bond movie and can easily join the ranks of some of the best luxury watches that humanity have ever seen.

The Thunderbolt has the fastest tourbillon complication ever seen in any watch. So, you can definitely consider it as the fast and furious watch of the current times. Besides this, the watch is flashy and bold on the wrists of any avid watch lover. People who love to be the center of attraction of events can definitely sport this watch on their wrists and start from there. With such a unique creation on your wrists, you will never find any difficulty in getting a conversation started.

Franck Muller Thunderbolt 5 Second Tourbillon completes a rotation in five seconds and is definitely leaving its competitors to dust. Most of them take a minute or more to complete a similar rotation. Hence, the name Tourbillon Rapide used for this extremely fast mechanism is totally appropriate. The four barrels and specially crafted patented escapement are responsible for achieving this feat. In this extremely competitive market place, this is a great achievement on the part of the watchmaker.

The watch is powered by the in house crafted Caliber FM 2025T watch movement that they came up with after three years of continuous tweaking and tuning. Pierre-Michele Golay who is an integral part of the watchmaker is the main architect behind the creation of this 231 part watch movement.

Besides the Tourbillon Rapide, the watch does have other design elements that can keep you engrossed to it. You can enjoy the watch movement’s intricate activities through the see through sapphire crystal. In fact, you can see almost every inner part in action in its natural surroundings. Simply put, the overall experience is a hypnotic one!

Shades of gold used on the movement add to the elegance of the creation. Every aspect of the watch mechanics is hand crafted to the highest possible standards. Even though Franck Muller came out with a bunch of other watches along with this model, none of the others were on par with the Thunderbolt.

The curvy nature of the sexy watch, the speed of the tourbillon in action and the metallic features adds to the unique nature of the watch. Right now, it is not unusual to see the watch movement in action. Still, this watchmaker has done something really unique to keep you engrossed to it.

The Thunderbolt was introduced to the world for the very first time in October 2012 at Monaco. It was around this time that Franck Muller started working with Roberto Cavalli, the famous Italian legend.

The technological perfection of the Thunderbolt is quite unique and cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. For the time being, Franck Muller does not have any competitors to fight it out with him for a share of the market.

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