Franck Muller Vintage Seven Days Power Reserve

Franck Muller Vintage Seven Days Power Reserve

Franck Muller is a luxury brand name that is appreciated a lot by watch lovers from around the globe. They reached this enviable position through the hard work of many years in coming up with stylish and accurate watches that are geared towards watch lovers of all types.

The latest addition from their stable is the Franck Muller Vintage (Curvex) 7-Days Power Reserve. The luxury watch model is completely created in house with all its parts made in or around Geneva itself. You can purchase either one of the stainless steel version or the pink gold version of the model. Again, within these two versions itself, you can choose between two choices of dials; either a white color one or an inked enamel shaded one. This watch is a worthy addition to the vintage collection of the world renowned watch maker. Of course, some of you may differ with us on this, and may have reservations about some of the aspects of the watch design. One key area of possible contention can be the design of the power reserve display.

You can learn about the available power reserve from the window created for the purpose located at 11 O’ clock position. Here, Franck Muller chose to walk away from the route followed by their luxury watch maker counter parts. Unlike the traditional, ‘relative’, system seen in watches of a similar nature that display the power reserve in an ’empty to full’ scale, they opted for a numerical one where you see the power reserve as numbers like 1,2,3 … This could turn out to be a design element that is definitely going to create opposing reactions. Some people are definitley going to like this and support the innovative element, whereas many others are going to hate it. Watch loves are certainly going to debate about the numerical scale used as well as the location of the power reserve indicator. May be, Franck Muller could have come up with a better location for the power reserve indicator than the current position between 10 O’ clock position and 11 O’ clock position. At the current position, it looks like an illegal alien clinging to its position. When it comes to the numerical scale, they could have come up with a better number scheme, or should have stayed with the more time tested and well regarded system of a relative scale that has adorned a lot of luxury watches in the past.

The watch has a sub dial at 6 O’ clock position to display seconds.

How does the watch maker achieve the seven day power reserve that it is claiming? They have incorporated a second barrel to achieve this goal.

When looked at it as a whole package, the watch does have its quintessential Franck Muller features associated with it. The price of the Curvex style watch is $ 22,500. If you want to stay on the frugal side, you can opt for the stainless steel case version that is priced only half as much as that of the golden version. The Vintage (Curvex) 7-Days Power Reserve from Frank Muller can be a nice addition to your watch collection.

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