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Freeman’s — America’s Oldest Auction House

If you are passionate about buying fine art, antique jewelry, or exclusive furniture, you probably know how vital it is to choose the right auction house. Experience has always been considered the most proven feature for estimating the effectiveness of auction services. Today, we want to tell you about Freeman’s, the oldest auction house in the US, which has long earned the status of the best environment for both private collectors and corporations.

Freeman’s — America’s Oldest Auction House


Freeman’s — America’s oldest auction house

Freeman’s — America’s Oldest Auction House

Tristram B. Freeman

Located in Philadelphia, Freeman’s is America’s oldest auction house and one of the country’s first family-owned businesses. Its impressive history dates back to 1805 when the printseller Tristram B. Freeman, who came from London to America, laid the foundation of what is today called Freeman’s.

Being the oldest auction house in the US, Freeman’s has a rich and vivid history involving the most magnificent twists of fate. The fact that it has been entrusted with handling and selling some of the world’s unmatched art collections already speaks volumes. You must have heard about the Richard M. Scrushy Collection, the Avon Collection of Photography, and the Brewster Collection, just to name a few.

After so many years, Freeman’s has not lost its focus and continues to be at the forefront of the auction house business. Taking into account considerable market knowledge, comprehensive appraisal services, and ingrained professionalism, more and more people rely on Freeman’s when it comes to buying and selling items of peculiar nature.

It is also worth mentioning that Freeman’s has formed an international alliance with a famous Scotland auction house, Lyon & Turnbull. This is important to know because this collaboration opens new horizons for their clients. Whether you are in the US or Europe, Freeman’s is a safe and flexible approach to acquiring one-of-a-kind pieces from all around the world.

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Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons User Susannahmcgovern / CC BY-SA 4.0
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