Fun Art Challenges You Should Try to Boost Your Creativity in 2023

Fun Art Challenges You Should Try to Boost Your Creativity in 2023

Art challenges are all the rage on today’s social media: they help build communities, improve skills, and get your work out there. Many artists experience something called art block, a state when one cannot bring themselves to create or ends up hating everything they make. Have you found yourself stuck in a cycle of disappointment in your work, or are you simply bored? These art challenges can help you uncover your full potential and introduce you to new sides of your creativity.

Fun Art Challenges You Should Try to Boost Your Creativity in 2023

Try a new medium

Is there a technique or art medium you have always wanted to try but have always been too scared to do so?​ Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone. Choosing a new medium for each project you do for a month will help you realize that trying something new is the best thing you can do to revive your artistic spirit.

Focus on a specific medium for a month

In a similar fashion to the previous challenge, you can dedicate a whole month to perfecting your skill in a certain medium. On Twitter, for example, there is a challenge called Inktober when artists post their artwork in ink during the entire month of October.

Draw a small comic every hour

If short and easy art challenges sound more like your thing, Hourly Comic Day is perfect for you. There is a debate on who and when exactly came up with it, but it is very popular on social media. During Hourly Comic Day, you are supposed to draw a small comic illustrating every hour of your day. The cool thing about this art challenge is that it makes you draw consistently without taking up too much of your time.

Try different art styles

Do you feel like your art style is not exactly what you want it to be yet? Try copying other artists to find inspiration in their work. Of course, this does not mean you have to completely copy other people. However, examining the things you like about others’ work can help you find a way to upgrade your style.

In the end, art challenges are called that way for a reason, so do not beat yourself up if you cannot master a certain style or technique just yet. The purpose of such exercises is to give you space to experiment and unwind, which will benefit your mental health and, in turn, your art.