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Get the Summer Vibes at Sugarlift with Zoey Frank’s Summer Paintings

What associations do you have with the word “summer”? Vacation, heat, picnic days, nostalgia? This season is truly a unique time of year when people start feeling adventurous and energetic. It is no wonder that many artists dedicate their work to the enchanting beauty and magic of the summertime. If you want to welcome the incoming summer season in the right mood, you should definitely visit “Zoey Frank: Summer Paintings,” a new art exhibition at Sugarlift. Let’s have a closer look at it.

Zoey Frank Summer Paintings

“Grapevine” by Zoey Frank

“Zoey Frank: Summer Paintings” at Sugarlift

“Summer Paintings” is an amazing and vibrant collection of Zoey Frank’s oil paintings dedicated to the amenity and joy of the warmest season of the year. Frank’s works exude a homely and lively atmosphere of public gatherings that have recently become an exclusive rarity due to the pandemic. Each featured artwork can make you experience a whole range of feelings, from intense warmth to vehement nostalgia.

Zoey Frank Summer Paintings

“Berlin Windows #3” by Zoey Frank

In her paintings, Zoey Frank often depicts the elements of ordinary life, be it a window (“Berlin Windows #3”) or a kitchen design (“Washer/Dryer”). The aim is to reveal the subtle nature of summer light spreading and suffusing the space.

Zoey Frank Summer Paintings

“Washer/Dryer” by Zoey Frank

The highlights of the art exhibition are “Pool Party” and “After the Pool,” Zoey Frank’s two distinctive paintings combining the masterful use of perspective with the elements of various art styles, from High Renaissance to Abstract Expressionism.

Zoey Frank Summer Paintings

“Pool Party” by Zoey Frank

The compositional complexity and unique aesthetics make “Zoey Frank: Summer Paintings” a must-see art show that you should not miss by any means.

Zoey Frank Summer Paintings

“After the Pool” by Zoey Frank

The exhibition is on view at Sugarlift in New York through June 26, 2021. As they say, a good beginning makes a good ending. Zoey Frank’s impressive paintings are definitely a good way to welcome summer and start getting summer vibes right from the first days!

Photo courtesy of Sugarlift
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