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Girard-Perregaux 1966

Girard-Perregaux is definitely one of the oldest watch companies that have ever existed. In these times, where the watch market is very competitive and aggressive, GP is kind of being underrated by many critics. This is a bit unfair considering the history and being one of the pioneers when talking about watch designers.

GP is definitely making a comeback with the 1966 timepiece. This watch has a 41mm case privileged in pink gold.  This timepiece comes with a semi translucent surface that exposes its dial with four fifteen minute markers that has a shape of golden bars.

The hands are marvelously shaped as leaves and are linked by a blue steel second’s hand.

The 1966’s oversized case is suited to the size of the mechanical GP4500 caliber. It’s specifically designed at the factory’s R&D department. And are assembled and produced in its workshops.

This timepiece is made of 188 pieces. Its powerful caliber is capable of having a 54 hour power reserve.

This beautiful timepiece has a very classy alligator strap along with a rose gold buckle that makes it even more sophisticated. This strap really gives this timepiece a clean and beautiful look that combines style and freshness.

This watch is definitely great for those who love the good old classic look.

The GP4500 caliber model was firstly introduced back in 2006 and is the biggest model of GP’s calibers. This caliber mixes elements of design very nicely, for example: enlarged bridges and plates that cover most of the moving parts.

This caliber is a tad bigger if we compare it with the GP3300. The power reserve is fairly greater plus it offers very accurate results when timekeeping. To really achieve this high amount of energy, Girard-Perregaux had to include a bigger barrel with a stronger and larger mainspring.

Although it took a long 4 years to finish this caliber, it was definitely worth the wait.

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