Glam Rock SoBe Tachymeter

Glam Rock SoBe Tachymeter

What exactly the term ‘Glam Rock’ stands for? It is a music genre from the 70s known equally for the music as well as the colorful hair, costume and performances associated with it. With the passing of time and changes in people’s musical tastes, it is not much heard anymore. Glam Rock watches are an attempt on its creator’s part to take you back to the days of those colorful musical days known for the leopard pants and colorful hair associated with the performers. The watches from the brand as well as the musical genre are equally known for the flamboyance associated with them and their ‘over the board’ nature.

A good portion of the watch lovers are always looking for new and stylish mechanical watches. They do not prefer to purchase or even look at quartz watches of any nature. Glam Rock SoBe Tachymeter is a quartz watch and is not for these die hard mechanical watch lovers. This model has a reasonable size at 44 mm in diameter and is designed with elements of fashion incorporated in to every aspect of its creation. Obviously, this watch model is never going to please every person looking for purchasing watches. But, there are certainly going to be a niche of people who would love the ‘over the board’ nature of the model. It allows the watch owner to choose between bracelets and straps, and also to change the bezel among the available choices. How would you replace the bezel? It is very easy to accomplish and you can pull the bezel out with a single finger. Now, you can replace it with anyone of the bezel choices that are available to you. Each watch in the model comes with three bezels to swap among each other.

How secure is the bezel? The engineering and design aspects of the bezel are done in a very good manner and you won’t even notice that the bezel is a replaceable one. In fact, without the watchmaker telling you clearly about this feature, you would be oblivious to this feature. The bezel fits the case perfectly and stays secure on it. Any average Joe can swap the bezel among the available choices. Glam Rock has a problem in the available bezel choices they provide with the watch brand.


The available color choices currently offered like steel, rose gold and yellow gold tone are not blending very well with the model. The shade used for the tachymeter is the same as that of the case and is not very pleasing on the eye. Obviously, the watchmaker came out with a unique concept by introducing a bezel swapping option. But, they have not created the right selection of bezels to go with the watch. If they can come up with bezel models that gel with the strap design, that would suit the watch well. The watchmaker might come up with such a design in the near future. The asking price for Glam Rock SoBe Tachymeter models is in the range between $ 700 and $ 4,000 based on the specific features incorporated in to different models.

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