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Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 Watch

The prestigious nano-sculpture, Willard Wigan, is working in an exciting Project, along with Stephen Forsey and Robert Greubel. This beautiful partnership started four years ago (2008) in London. Willard Wigan at first was not really interested in this world of watches. He was simply in another mindset. Wigan’s world was all about micro sculptures, and then he got invited by Greubel and Forsey to join forces. The first time Willard went to the Greubel Forsey’s workshops, he stayed there for only thirty minutes and it was love at first sight. Willard made better tools in the workshops of Greubel and Forsey than the ones he was currently using to build his sculptures. Greubel and Forsey wanted to join forces with Wigan, because they know Wigan’s work and he is someone that is passionate about art and design.

It would’ve been too easy to just include an already existing timepiece a micro sculpture made by Willard. Instead of that, Greubel Forsey opted to join forces with Willard to create a masterpiece combining the “Haute Horlogerie” knowledge of Greubel Forsey and the amazing “connaisance” of Willard in terms of micro sculptures.

This piece of art has been under development for more than 4 years and it’s not yet completed. The prototype was exhibited in Shanghai this year, but its proper launch will be official in the Salon International de la Haute Horologie.

The price of this amazing watch will be approximately 5 million Swiss Francs, which is not really that surprising considering the amount of work and dedication that was put to assemble and design this marvelous piece of art.

Many people may question the purpose of having a timepiece that has microscopic details that cannot be seen, unless that a microscopic lens is used. The answer is quite simple because there will be no place on earth that you will find something this exotic and luxurious.

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