Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 2 Wins the Best Complicated Watch Prize at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2012

Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 2 Wins the Best Complicated Watch Prize at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2012

Horologists from all parts of the world look at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix as the place to learn about happening activities in the industry. Here, the watch makers and technicians from various continents converge to discuss the noteworthy developments happening in the industry. They provide awards for all the significant contributions that happened in the previous year. This year, they showered their praise on Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 2 and conferred it with the Best Complicated watch Prize.

Greubel Forsey is a new entrant in to the business of watch making and has arrived on to the scene in the last half a dozen years or so only. In this short time span itself, they have proved their love for watch making as well as their desire to not cut corners while ensuring quality of the watches from their stable. They never use cheap technology or unreliable parts to reduce their costs. As a result of this, the watches from the house are very highly priced and are cherished by watch collectors who know the value of the products they get from them.

The major attraction of the Invention Piece 2 is the use of four tourbillons in the same watch. The watch has tourbillons for denoting hours, minutes, seconds and power reserve indicator. With the help of the three coaxial barrels present in the model, the watch has the ability to run continuously for 56 hours at a time. You can choose from the available options of platinum or rose gold. In both of these versions, 11 watches are crafted and sold to the general public. The watch is priced roughly around three quarters of a million dollars.

Greubel Forsey spends a lot of time designing and tweaking around the designs before they come up with their final product. In fact, they spend roughly up to seven years or so on developing a model before they actually come up with the watches. This is a grueling, time consuming and expensive affair to undertake. But the watch maker is dedicated to the task at hand and is not taking any shortcuts to achieving their objective. Throughout its history, the luxury watch maker has amazed us and is likely to continue in the same vein.

Stephen Forsey is the brain behind the watch maker and led it to the latest prize they won for their watch making skills and dedication to horology. Even with its four tourbillons, the Invention Piece 2 is only 43.5 mm in size and is smaller than many other watches that do not feature complications anywhere near this unique watch model. Another interesting aspect of the model is the special Greubel Forsey message etched on the case back for the particular owner. This takes the watch to personalization at its best.

With such commitment towards watch making showcased by Greubel Forsey, there is no wonder horologic recognitions like the Best Complicated watch Prize at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix are coming to it, and is likely to arrive more even in the near future.

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