The GRIEB & BENZINGER Centurion and Centurion Imperial

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A world-famous producer of high-end exclusive watches, GRIEB & BENZINGER, is enjoying its star time right now by fascinating the eyes, hearts, and minds of experts and fans of luxurious horology by presenting its two new platinum watches for the selected: GRIEB & BENZINGER Centurion and GRIEB & BENZINGER Centurion Imperial. These two new models of the GRIEB & BENZINGER product line change the ways in which skeletonized luxury watches for men are perceived. The bold, original solutions of GRIEB & BENZINGER’s watchmakers are astonishing in their commitment to century-long traditions, and addition of sophisticated luxury and modernity in details.

luxury watch

The GRIEB & BENZINGER Centurion and Centurion Imperial are undoubtedly two new pearls of the high-end watches of the highest class – items supplied only in limited numbers, and coming down into the history of luxury watches as rare must-haves for every respectable collector. They are the natural outcome of inspiration of GRIEB & BENZINGER’s watch producers that have managed to produce a strikingly memorable skeletonized watch, a result of laborious handcraft and dedication to perfection in watch production. The most impressive feature of GRIEB & BENZINGER’s new models is that they combine many useful functional features “invisibly”, as if implying that these luxury watches can offer much more than is seen at a first glance. Though the whole range of their values cannot be grasped at the first preview, we are sure that both GRIEB & BENZINGER Centurion and Centurion Imperial will never leave anyone indifferent.

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These two new models represent the outcome of creativity of GRIEB & BENZINGER’s watch designer – Georg Bartkowiak – who reworked the previous success of GRIEB & BENZINGER, the BLACK TULIP model, into its more luxurious descendant, surpassing its natural impressiveness that was believed to be unsurpassable.  Sophisticated ‘tuning’ of the BLACK TULIP model has resulted into a black glamorous piece of watchmaking art.


Its technical features go beyond everything appreciators of luxury watch brands have ever dreamt about: solid platinum (PT950) fused with an elegant hand-skeletonization makes an unforgettable impression of lavishness. This gorgeous image of GRIEB & BENZINGER Centurion Imperial is accomplished with an eye-catching bezel pave-set encrusted with 66 red Princess-cut diamonds. It is powered by manually wound movement, and also features hand-made guilloche and engravings. In addition to the PT950 case 43 mm wide, the black strap of this watch made of alligator skin creates a solid, unforgettable image that can rarely be found even in the contemporary abundance of luxury watches to all tastes. As all other predecessors of GRIEB & BENZINGER Centurion and Centurion Imperial, these watches have quickly grabbed the tops of rankings of luxury watches the most sophisticated fans of prestige, one-of-a-kind watches.