GRIEB & BENZINGER Is Full of Surprises – An Audacious Presentation of the BLUE DRAGON IMPERIAL Watch


The luxury watch brand GRIEB & BENZINGER has already succeeded in creating a reputation of a watchmaking company that can surprise its fans and dedicated customers, and that can produce truly impressive, one-of-a-kind luxury watches. The new premiere of the GRIEB & BENZINGER BLUE DRAGON IMPERIAL watch model may be considered the next step in GRIEB & BENZINGER’s conquest of the hearts of the most sophisticated watch connoisseurs. The watch is indeed unforgettable, both in terms of its outer experience and in terms of its technical complications.

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The major advantage that a GRIEB & BENZINGER offer to their clients is customization; this luxury watches brand can take your order and manufacture a watch specifically for you. No doubt, every watch produced specifically for a certain person, a certain occasion, and with addition of unique, individually tailored details becomes a highly collectible, rare, and original item of prestigious watches many other people may later want to obtain for their exquisite luxury watches collections. Thus, the uniqueness of the GRIEB & BENZINGER BLUE DRAGON IMPERIAL watch is that it was created upon a specific order of a Chinese watch collector born in the year of Dragon, which predetermined both the name of the model and its both elegant and striking appearance.

GRIEB & BENZINGER BLUE DRAGON IMPERIAL carries a personal meaning for its happy owner who had to wait for it for eight months. The dial of the watch presents a dragon integrated into the skeletonized, manually produced mechanism of the model. This luxurious sample of prestige watches also has hand-guilloche and hand-engraving elements making it truly exquisite. The overall composition of the watch is deeply impressive and unforgettable; moreover, since dragons are traditionally associated with happiness, peace, and imperial grandeur in China, we hope that this timepiece will help to bring all those virtues to its happy owner.

The GRIEB & BENZINGER BLUE DRAGON IMPERIAL watch model may boast having the blue platinum coated movement manufactured in compliance with the ancient Swiss matchmaking traditions. Moreover, it is in line with the Chinese traditions of watchmaking, since blue movements were highly popular elements of luxury watches manufactured specifically for the Chinese watch market in the times of the Qing Dynasty’s rule in China. Other technical features of this magnificent GRIEB & BENZINGER BLUE DRAGON IMPERIAL include a solid golden case made of 18k palladium-white gold, as well as 66 diamonds encrusted into the delicate crown of the watch.

Though the GRIEB & BENZINGER BLUE DRAGON IMPERIAL watch model is indeed unique, and its price in the luxury watches market may hardly be predicted so far, we have good news for people with a passion for buying such a sample of prestigious watches. GRIEB & BENZINGER are considerate about their customers, so they have created a comparatively large Dragon Collection, with eight models presented by eight pieces each – eight is the number of luck in the Chinese culture. Hence, though you may not be the lucky owner of the GRIEB & BENZINGER BLUE DRAGON IMPERIAL, you still can obtain a Blue, Grey, White, or Black dragon watch by GRIEB & BENZINGER and get a bit of Chinese luck for yourself.