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Gruen is a popular watch brand with a rich history. The founder, Dietrich Gruen, was born in 1847 in Germany. When he was only 15 years old he went to Switzerland to apprentice a watchmaker. He spent several years working in Switzerland before coming to America to continue his career.

In 1874 Gruen took out his first patent for an invention. He created a safety pinion for pocket watches which helped protect the watch movement. Needless to say Gruen created pocket watches until 1903 when wristwatches began to gain popularity. In the 1920’s Gruen was the most popular and largest wrist watch manufacturer in the U.S. 1935 marks the introduction of the Curvex wrist watch, still considered Gruen’s most popular watch even today. The Curvex was ahead of its time. The movement and shape of the watch was curved to fit perfectly on the wearer’s wrist. Gruen also created the Quadron in 1925. The Quadron was a rectangular shaped watch that contained an extremely high-quality 15 jewel or 17 jewel tonneau-shaped movement. The Quadron helped pave the way for non-circular dials.

Gruen is an affordable luxury brand. Today they specialize in classic styles that never go out of fashion. Most of the current models run on Quartz movements which is an affordable, practical, and reliable material. If you are looking for a daily wearer or even a classy dress watch for special occasions, check out Gruen wristwatches.

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