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The name Gucci has been synonymous with fashion for decades. This brand is readily recognized all nearly everywhere today, and has stores on every continent except for Antarctica. Though they are mostly known for their handbags and clothing, they also sell many other fashion items. Through their distinguished history, this has meant many things, including shoes, belts, auto designs, and more recently, watches.

Guccio Gucci founded the business in the early 1900s in Florence. In the 20s, he decided to step up and begin selling luxury goods. Later, in the 30s, he set up shop in Rome. The company eventually passed to Guccio Gucci’s sons, who decided to expand the company by opening new stores in major cities around the world.

Once they expanded their market, the brand began to grow in popularity. Soon, celebrities were being spotted wearing Gucci clothing or carrying Gucci bags, adding to the company’s success. Eventually, however, they hit a rough patch, and ownership of the company passed out of the family’s hands. In the 1990’s, the brand
started to make a major comeback. This was when they decided to add watches to their vast collection of luxury items.

Gucci watches are beautiful pieces. The firm is selective about materials, and they give a lot of attention to the look of their timepieces. Most of the pieces are priced around $1000, but some of the ones with diamonds or other special materials cost much more than that. Most of these are fashion watches, but a few of them have
some complications on them.

Several of these watches are real head-turners. There are several models with bands that are as wide as the case, giving the watch a rectangular appearance. These are part of what the company calls the Twirl Collection, and they come in PVD, steel, and even gold. There are other watches that stand out, as well as some with more classic, conservative looks.

There are also some digital watches with very strange layouts. These are part of the L-Gucci collection, and while they might not appeal to fans of classic watches with mechanical movements, they can certainly make a fashion statement. All of their watches, even the L-Gucci, have sapphire crystal on the front and a good Swiss
movement inside, so they’re solid watches, even though they are mostly meant as fashion pieces.

If you are looking for a gorgeous watch that will improve your overall look and be instantly recognized as a fashion statement, in quality materials and with a quality movement, then a watch from Gucci could be right for you.

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