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Guy Ellia

The history line of Guy Ellia watch brand isn’t very long. In fact it’s a history of more a human person, rather than a great corporation.

Everything began in 1973, when Guy Ellia started to learn how to make quality diamond handling in Antwerp. Once it happened in that time that his cousin decided to make his meeting with a famous diamond cutter Gabriel Tolkowsky, who was a talented member and continuator of his own jewelry workshop dynasty. So, they met and an old master gave Guy Ellia his first diamond scale.

It was an instrument with a strong evidence of luckiness, embodied in it. Or at least it was a good tool that helped Guy Elllia to learn a lot about his own abilities with diamond balance and work taste and style.

After his initial scholarship, Guy Ellia made numerous journeys, all over the world – from Asia to Southern America. It wasn’t just a senseless list of trips, Guy Ellia was enforced by a passion to find and touch the most rarest gemstones of the world.

And he got numerous “victories” on his path – his hands (still talented, but more and more expert) practically touched emeralds, sapphires, rubies and, of course, many diamonds with difficult structures. Some of them he selected for his own future masterpieces.

It was, undoubtedly, a very interesting time, full of dreams, exceptional findings and active stone cutting experience. But a day came and he stopped. It was a time to cease the searches and to begin a further work. At this moment he got a valuable advice influence from his mother and friends. In 1994 he buys a little company, this purchase allowed him to open a shop in the diamond quarter of Paris, on the Rue de La Fayette.

With his rich diamond cutting experience he didn’t wish to be just a usual reseller and a new line of business began when he got his first jewelry design order from la Place Vendôme.

Anyway these were the most difficult years, full of economic disturbances, but he was lucky enough and lucky talented to stay on the feet.

In 1999 Guy Ellia finally decided to establish his own brand name in the world of high jewelry design. A very important feature of the brand was claimed in the very first days of brand life – Guy Ellia is something that should attract women most of all. Guy Ellia is for those women who adore fashion tendencies but prefer to be somehow over them.

In 2003 Guy Ellia masterpieces sells were noticed in many Eurasian countries, in 2007 his fame and his designs crossed the Atlantic ocean…

We still had no words about watches in this article. And we should say – yes, Guy Ellia creates watches and they are of unbelievable beauty! In his watch collections he combines various alternate materials with precious stones and the result is always great!

When you buy Guy Ellia watch model (such as Jumbo Chrono or Time Space ones) you wrist meets a masterpiece of design magic, not just a time count machine… And when you decide to sell it – you would definitely make somebody to become happy…

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