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Habring2 Doppel 2.0 Selected the Best Sports Watch by the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2012

The Habring2 is a husband and wife team who came up with some amazing watch designs over a short period of time. They are based in Austria and have made a name for themselves already. They came up with the Doppel 2.0 chronograph recently and have got rave reviews from watch makers as well as watch lovers alike. Then, they won the best sports watch prize at the recently concluded Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix. The Doppel is a watch that is certainly a couple of notches above the luxury watches that you see in the international market now.

Richard Habring is responsible for the success of the Habring2 and is one of two people who form the Habring ‘squared’ team. He is a recognized watch maker with over two decades of experience in quality watch making. He was one of the leading technicians for IWC and was responsible for creating the very first ever double chronograph mechanism for the firm. That was two decades back and the IWC patent on the design expired recently. Now, he is making good use of this opportunity and making his own alterations of the dual chronograph.

The Doppel 2.0 costs you € 6000 and is a great deal for that price. As the husband wife duo behind the watch is not in a hurry to make a large number of watches, the exclusivity of the watch is not going to be lost soon. They are creating only 12 watches of the model every year. Overall, they intend to produce only 80 watches in a year. When you look at the other luxury watches that are available in the current market, none of them are in the price point or exclusivity level of the Doppel 2.0.

The sporty watch from Habring2 comes in a stainless steel case and has a diameter of 42 mm. the buyer can choose the preferred shade of color to be used on the dial as well as strap. The available choices for color are grey, blue and brown. As the number of watches available in the model is very limited, the chances of anyone getting one of them are very limited.

It is always great to hear success stories of mom and pop businesses like that of the Habring2. As the big money players in the watch industry are fighting it out to get on top, the subtle designs from these smaller firms are taking the industry ahead.

Richard Habring created a lot of good will and money for his former employer, IWC. Now, he is working for himself with his wife and is getting all the money and recognition that he deserves so much. The Habrings consider their firm as the smallest watch maker in the world; but they are much more than that. This is once again proved by the recognition they received at the hands of their fellow industry experts and watch aficionados from around the globe at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2012.

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