Harry Winston

watch Harry Winston

Harry Winston is an American company named after its founder, Harry Winston. Winston passed away in 1978 yet left a memorable legacy in horology and the jewelry industry. In fact, his passion for watchmaking was lit by his passion for jewelry.

Winston grew up in Ukraine and worked in his father’s jewelry store. His talent for noticing gems and fixing jewelry began at the young age of 12. A few years later his family moved to the United States and continued their jewelry business. Winston acquired Arabella Huntington’s prized jewelry collection after her death. Her collection was considered the finest in the world. Winston realized the jewelry was outdated and began work on revitalizing the old designs. He gave the jewels new life that helped him gain massive popularity worldwide.

Winston eventually acquired the world’s most famous diamond, the Hope diamond, which has also been considered the rarest in the world. He donated the diamond to the Smithsonian Institute and stated that it was a gift for the American people. Naturally Harry Winston would begin a venture in watchmaking considering his widespread popularity and knack for creating striking pieces. In 1989 Winston began producing Swiss made wristwatches. He demanded the highest quality and precision in everything he did so he opened a state of the art manufacturing center in Geneva, the watchmaking capital of the world.

Harry Winston wristwatches are prized by collectors and sought out by individuals seeking the best of fine horology. Harry Winston watches are a testament to the founder’s legacy of being the master of fine jewelry.