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Custom Homage to Heuer Monaco 74033N in PVD

Many watch lovers have their own fantasies about the potential watches that they expect from their favorite brands. Day dreaming is a pastime practiced by many among us, and we never give it any serious thoughts as to make them in to a reality. Here is a story of a man who made the dream alterations to his favorite brand of watch in a successful manner. Joe Ganzler provided homage to a Heuer Monaco 74033N PVD.

Joe thought about wasting some of his riches on a TAG Heuer Monaco Caliber 12 to get it PVDed and also to add to the looks and color of hour and minute hands as well. He knew that he will have to spend some of his hard earned money on the watch project. Still, he took up the option as a challenge and crafted his dream watch.

The PVD Monaco has the Valjoux 7740 manual winding watch movement in it. The black dial of the watch does have shades of orange associated with it. This watch attained cult status among watch aficionados due to the design aesthetics incorporated in to it. As TAG Heuer has not come up with newer models of the watch, you have no chance of purchasing them. The only available option is to go through the rather expensive route and get the model built on your own.

Joe Ganzler started his work on a TAG Heuer Monaco CW2113 model that was launched in the year 2007. He chose this model due to the 38 mm size of its case as well as the plexi-glass crystal that is available even in the base model from the year 1970. Joe wanted to show his respect for the Monaco 4033N and was not interested in just copying the watch design. TAG Heuer would do well to choose a project on similar lines and improve their existing line of watches.

One of the key differences between the original model and the homage version is the lower position of the date window in the latter. Another difference is on the markings present on the registers. Other than these cosmetic changes, the watch dial is in sync with the original model.

As the watch was created as a single piece, you may find some differences in dimensions and certain features. In this watch, you can see difference in size of the minute markers on the dial. The lume was applied after the printing of the dial.

For the case back design, Joe chose to make his own contribution rather than sticking to the original style of using stainless steel. In its place, he used the DLC finish. The creation of the hour and minute hands were a challenging task. Joe did not opt for the easier route of using the Monaco hands. He chose to create hands based on his ideas. The final version of the watch features shorter hour hand and skinnier minute hand.

There is only one watch of the Heuer Monaco 74033N “re-edition” available. Joe Ganzler did stick to the original watch DNA and improved its features to come up with an impressive custom made watch.

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