The Hit of SIHH 2014 – Review of the Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase

Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase

Nothing is solid and precise nowadays, in the times of high technologies reaching new horizons of precision every day, and deeming everything that people used to consider valid irregular and unsure. However, the famous luxury watch brand A. Lange & Söhne has solved this problem very creatively, by introducing a breathtaking novelty – the Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase watch at SIHH 2014. The major peculiarity of this watch is that its producers promise a next to 100% precision for the nearest 122.6 years, which is a very reliable promise.

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The most attention-grabbing detail of this wonderful sample of A. Lange & Sohne luxury watches is the position of the lunar disc within the hour and minute circle, prominent and noticeable enough to make this watch distinguished. The composition of the dial was designed in line with the idea of time representation in the form of synodic month: 29.531 days, with the accuracy of time tracking reaching 99.998 percent. This means that the watch is literally synchronized with the orbit of the moon, and the watch dynamically operates a realm of its tiny constituents to make the watch’s indications realistic and precise.

It is true that A. Lange & Söhne produced many prestige watches equipped with moon phase calendars before, so the very moon phase addition to the watch is not a sensation. The most striking about this Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase model is that it has an unprecedented large display for the lunar complication on the dial, making the watch a unique sample of prestigious watches of such level of precision. The synchronization with the moon orbit allows this astounding model of luxury watches to indicate time elapsing from new moon to new moon with the indicated high accuracy. The result of the new approach to moon phase connection is that the time deviation of the watch is limited by 44 minutes per lunar cycle, which gives us one day per 2.5 years. Such a deviation is very small as compared to conventional luxury watches, making the Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase watch the most precise item of high-end watches of modernity.

The outer design of Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase is perfectly combined with its extraordinary functionality. The case of the watch is designed in the form of a solid-gold moon disk, with realistic depictions of the moon, and with an image of the nocturnal sky impressing with its detailing. Such a realistic effect of the blue sky is achieved by means of patented A. Lange & Söhne coating that recreates the intense blue tone of the night sky and creates an impression of sharp, lively sky contours. Other specifics of this watch are consonant with other models of A. Lange & Söhne luxury watches, such as the off-centered position of the dial, and the over-sized date display. The traditional Caliber L095.3 and hand-decorated manufacture movement is also among the features every connoisseur of A. Lange & Söhne prestige watches will be happy to find in this novelty of the brand.