How To Hang Art Correctly: Our Tips

How To Hang Art Correctly

You have an empty wall and want to decorate it with some paintings. But there’s more to it than that — the thing you should keep in mind is that the art hung in disorder and without compliance with the common style will look distracting and spoil even the most sophisticated interior. Following the rules of proper design is not an easy-to-learn task, especially if you’ve never dealt with it. But we are here to help: study our tips and make your interior a masterpiece, not a crass!

How To Hang Art Correctly

So, what are the principles of hanging art on the walls correctly? We can define at least three of them. But first, let’s take a closer look at the most common mistakes in interior design. There are only two of them: when you hang the paintings too high, and when you hang too small pictures too high. That’s it. And here comes our rule #1:

1) Try to hang your paintings on the eye level, especially if your ceilings are high. The exception is only for low ceilings (8-9 feet), and if you and your family members are really tall. How to choose the proper height? Divide the wall into four sections in your mind’s eye, and place the painting into the third quadrant, counting from the floor.

2) If you deal with several paintings making a single collection, such as beautiful landscapes from the same series, then treat this collection as one piece of art: start and stop it when it makes sense most.

3) If your wall is empty, try to engage as much of its space as possible. Try to orient the art collection in the shape of the wall. Small pieces of art require some new paintings next to them. A great idea will be to alternate small paintings with big ones — such an approach can help the collection look proportional.

These are the basic principles of hanging art correctly. We haven’t touched on the topic of the proper color scheme — this is a material for a separate article. But if you follow our seemingly simple and clear tips, you’ll see that your room will look more harmonically and attractive.