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Hublot Atelier Watch

It’s a rare instance when a watch has the words “not for sale” clearly inscribed on the face plate. Renowned Swiss watchmaker Hublot did just this. Their Atelier watch is actually based on a concept that has been around for a long time now. Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe is proud to announce that Hublot will be offering customers a courtesy watch, the Atelier, while their watch is being repaired. It is currently at all of the Hublot boutiques worldwide. Guadalupe believes that every customer is part of the Hublot family. He has remarked on how successful the Atelier has been for the business as well. It’s a simple concept really. Treat your customer with respect and show them you care about their business and they will be loyal to you. The courtesy watch shows customers that Hublot truly appreciates their business by giving them a free of charge, unique and stylish watch to use as a replacement.

The design of the Atelier is something that everyone could appreciate. It is the epitome of a wearable timepiece that goes with every outfit and occasion. The matte black watch is based on the principle of fusion. The case, pin buckle, and bezel are made of black composite. It also has a comfortable matte black rubber strap and dial to go with the dark color scheme. The inscriptions on the face plate are white and are the only other color represented on this conservative watch. It is powered by a quartz movement and displays hours, minutes, date, day, and seconds with incredible accuracy. We may see more of courtesy watches thanks to Hublot’s Atelier.

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