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Hublot Big Bang Zebra Bang

Hublot’s Big Bang series includes a wide variety of styles and looks. After enjoying great success with other animal-inspired watch designs, Hublot is soon to present the new “Zebra Bang,” a black-and-white striped watch that fits right in with today’s animal print fashions.

There will be three different choices for the case of this new watch, black or white ceramic and red gold. While the latter seems like an odd choice for a zebra-print watch, the ceramic case colors definitely fit the theme. The strap also comes in black or white. It is made of rubber with a zebra-printed calfskin sewn onto it with stitching that matches the color of the rubber.

The bezel is made of black aluminum, white gold, or red gold, and is encrusted with clear topazes and black spinels. The zebra-print dial has three sub-dials, located at three o’clock, six o’clock, and 9 o’clock. The other hours, except for 12, are each indicated by a small diamond. There is a small indicator for the date between the diamonds marking four and five o’clock. On the ceramic versions of the watch, the wide skeleton hands are plated with rhodium and polished to a high sheen. The red gold version of the watch will have gold-plated hands instead.

The crown and the pushbuttons and for the chronograph are steel or red gold with white or black rubber inserts. The caseback is made of titanium (or red gold on the red gold version). The movement in this watch, the HUB4300, is not bad at all. It’s an automatic movement with a chronograph.

The white version of the watch has not been unveiled yet, but it’s easy to picture how that design will look. It will be interesting to see how the red gold model works out. The Leopard Bang looks very nice in red gold, but it’s hard to imagine the material going along with zebra stripes. Red gold’s wood-like hues could tone down the wildness of the zebra print, or they could enhance it.

Hublot will only make 250 pieces of each of the three styles of the Big Bang “Zebra Bang”.  With zebra print so popular right now, this watch could quickly become a hit among the fashion crowd. Now is the perfect time for the company to unveil its latest exotic addition to the Big Bang series.

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